Posted by: loripalooza | May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day Hugs

This picture was taken by my dad in Norfolk, Virginia not quite 50 years (aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!) ago. That’s my sister, Sherry, and my brother Lance flanking my mom, and I’m the little white bundle.  When I asked my dad for this photo I had to laugh that it was labeled “Norfolk-’57 Buick.”  My dad has a thing for cars.  I love that even at this size you can see my mom’s dimples.  She’s a smiler.  And a hugger.  One of the reasons I chose WWU for school was that Bellingham was a quick hour away from Oak Harbor and my mom’s sturdy hugs. They are no-nonsense, 100% organic and true hugs.  I’m glad to say the Hug Gene is a dominant one and has been passed down to me, and to my son, as well.

I’ll soon be in full party mode, shining up the house, food shopping, and doing some prep work in the kitchen, as we are hosting a brunch for my extended family tomorrow, and know I’ll be disconnected from the computer. I just wanted to wish all the mothers out there a truly happy Mother’s Day.  Today, tomorrow, and every day, thank you for having that special quality of a mom, and knowing what to do when we need you.  Even if it’s just a hug.



  1. It IS a beauty of a car, you have to admit. And, look how tall your mom seems when she’s surrounded by shrimpy kids! You are a family of champion huggers, that’s for sure. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day with your family, Lori. Give them all my love!

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