Posted by: loripalooza | April 26, 2011

Strange and Interesting

I drove by Death this morning on the way to work, trudging uphill in loose-fitting Levi’s and a gray hoodie, his face wrapped in a black scarf,  white skull-and-crossbones glowing out from the hood. You couldn’t see his eyes. It’s the first time a skull-and-crossbones has seemed scary like it’s supposed to be, in a long time.  I saw Death in the past riding a motorcycle all in black leathers, long black dreads flowing behind him, this time a neoprene balaclava with skull covering his face, but I thought the gray hoodie was much more subtle; you’d be much less likely to expect him that way.

Saw a kid’s upper torso bobbing up and down on the other side of a fence, and thought something about it looked odd.  He was obviously jumping on a trampoline, but where were the flailing arms?  Does he not have arms? How would that work?  Got to the other side where I was afforded a full view and saw he was sitting on a wooden chair, holding onto the seat and jumping on the trampoline that way.  Uhhh… Where’s mom?  Where’s my camera?

Joe and I went to a wedding reception recently and saw a few folks we hadn’t seen in ages.  One woman I was trying to avoid eye contact with, hoping she wouldn’t recognize us, because I remembered conversing with her as awkward and uncomfortable.  Of course, Joe the Golden Retriever Husband flags her down as she’s passing our table where we were eating.  “Hi!  Remember us?”  (wag wag wag) The first words out of her mouth were about this foot surgery she had where they whacked off all her toes, did some reconstruction and re-attached them, and she can walk now, but still can’t feel her toes, and did you know that toes keep alive in water for 109 days?  Now that you mention it, I did not know that…wow, (nod nod nod).  Really, you can’t feel your toes? (I dig my spike heel into the tip of her tennies, but she doesn’t get the joke or even much notice, much to my frustration.  Or delight.)

A friend of ours invited us to the  Trash Fashion Show, a part of the Tenth Annual Recycled Arts and Fashion Show in Ballard a week from last Saturday.  This year’s green theme was focused on plastics; recreating discarded plastic from our everyday lives into yes, designer, runway worthy fashions.  It was informative, fun, and fascinating!   Alas, I cannot locate the program I kept to refer to when I finally got around to writing about it, (I fear it’s buried in the coffee tray we use as our dumping ground for bills, neighborhood news letters, thank you notes, dead batteries and all the general clutter we just can’t bear to part with or know where to put), but Joe took some great pictures, as we had the extra cool VIP seats with even a view of the sometimes recycled plastic undergarments…Creativity has no limits!  Here are a few of my favorites–names are my own.

We prescribed to HBO recently just so we could watch the new series Game of Thrones, based on the first book in The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin.  We’ve been bad-mouthing George the last few years because he hasn’t come out with the next book, but under a list of upcoming new releases at Third Place Books I saw the latest, A Dance with Dragons, is coming out in July!  He’s lucky, that George R.R, because I was seriously thinking about stalking him at the next near-by Sci-Fi Fantasy festival, slipping a sharp, but intricately worked dagger of Valerian steel from under my heavy, medieval skirt and giving him a bit of his own medicine, a bit of what-for, a bit of a sexy threat, like maybe I’ll cut off some of your Santa beard, bard-man, because how hard can it be to write a two-and-a-half inch thick novel with intricate plot and rich character development every couple of years?  What can I say? I’m a Drooling Fanatic for this series.  As of the writing of this post only 76 days, 4 hours, 28 minutes and 36 seconds to go!


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