Posted by: hannah jo | April 19, 2011

Back from Disneyland

Andy and Lily are, that is. I did not go to Disneyland. I stayed home with our needy, needy dog and enjoyed some time on my own. I certainly missed my little family, but I was content to hang out here, with few demands (beyond Happy’s sometimes sizable list) and mostly unscheduled days.

We had all been to Disneyland before, when Lily was 4, but Lily doesn’t remember much about that trip.

I was just able to confirm when that trip happened by checking Wilco’s archived concert schedule. You see, originally, I planned that trip to Disneyland as a solo trip to see Wilco at the Hard Rock Cafe in Anaheim. My friend Bruce lived in LA at the time and said he had a ticket for me if I wanted to fly down and join him and his wife for the Wilco show. I jumped at the chance and then as I was starting to make arrangements to go, Bruce gently pointed out to me that the Anaheim Hard Rock Cafe was on Disney property and that maybe I should consider making it a family trip to, you know, visit Disneyland. D’oh!

So, all three of us went to Disneyland and did all the stereotypical Disneyland stuff. Andy and Lily rode the teacups while I watched because I was afraid the spinning would make me barf. I have a distinct memory of the teacups making my sister sick when we were little kids. My brother and I teased her because we thought she was a wimp. We were awful siblings. I am so sorry, sister!

It’s hard to believe that 9 years have passed since that trip we took in 2002. Lily wasn’t even in kindergarten yet and now she’s choosing which high school she’ll enter this fall. HIGH SCHOOL!!

While they were in California this time, Andy and Lily also visited our nephew, who’s in law school down there, and his beautiful wife. They went to the beach, stopped by Mood Fabrics, and ate some good food. Then, they stayed near Palm Springs for a few days, soaking up the sun. A school friend of Lily’s happened to be down there at the same time, so they had fun hanging out together. Andy took a trip out to Joshua Tree, which I know I would have loved, but I also know it will still be there when we no longer have a dog and I feel more free to travel.

You can tell who took most of the photos on our 2002 trip to Disneyland! Lily took the next one, though.

When we got the photos back from processing (because this was way back in the days before we had a digital camera), I laughed about this photo and teased Lily about cutting our heads off. She said, in all seriousness, “I wasn’t taking a picture of you and Daddy. I was taking a picture of Minnie Mouse.”



  1. These photos are such a delight! I sputtered my fizzy water all over the place when I scrolled down to the last photo … you know, the one of Minnie. Pretty sweet to look at these photos of Andy and Lily then, and imagine their much different trip this year.

  2. Great pics. Looks like Andy lost his doo rag on the Tea Cups, tho…

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