Posted by: loripalooza | March 31, 2011

Last Chance

It’s my last chance to get my only post in this month. (Wet noodle flogs for me!)  I can’t even believe where March went. Or February, for that matter.  It’s like, somebody sends you this link to your work email with these incredible aerial photographs all over the world, in vivid hues, sharp detail, just gorgeous, then the next thing you know you’ve scrolled to the bottom and you’re clicking the link for Cats with Mustaches, or Awesome Tombstones, to heck with that report that needs your bleary proof-reading eyes all over it!  Where does the time go?  I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been taking a rather, shall we say, cavalier approach to death lately, (I recently wrote a very catchy little song about death, “Yeah it’s about death, but it’s fun!”  Like Seinfeld: “But she’s a cute Nazi!”) so I’m quite enchanted with these light-hearted tombstones.   It seems like some people figured out that it’s their last chance to have a say – to get the last word in.


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