Posted by: hannah jo | March 22, 2011

Is this thing on? Hello?

What the hell?!

I really have no idea why Lori and I have both been on such a long break from our little blog space. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive us, former loyal readers.

I’ve been up and down and all over the place lately and felt reluctant to share my many neuroses and issues here. I didn’t feel like I could share anything without sounding like a big old Eeyore, I suppose, but what the heck. Don’t people read blogs because they like reading that stuff? A bit of schadenfreude drives some of us to read blogs, I suppose. Also, snoopiness. I love reading all the details of other people’s lives. But, writing about my own? I feel like a great big boring dufus.

So, you missed all the details about the Home Show Andy and I went to. Sorry! And, you haven’t heard a thing about our new dishwasher. Dang! See?!

I have to admit that I wasted quite a few hours watching this very scary TV show on DVD, often through my tightly closed fingers:

Andy and I have watched four seasons of it now, late at night, after Lily’s in bed. Have you ever seen it? It’s about Dexter, a serial killer who works for the police department in Miami. My favorite part of the show is Dexter’s sister. She has the most incredible potty mouth, plus she’s a great actress. I can’t believe I’ve watched such a bloody, gory show because I am such a wimp about this kind of stuff, but I can’t help it. I am weak.

Soccer season is here and we are smitten, even though Lily and I had to bail on the Sounders home opener because she was sick. After being so excited about Nkufo joining the team last year — you know, before he ever actually played in a Sounders uniform — I quickly grew tired of his lackluster effort on the field when he finally did show up. He never seemed to commit. I guess that’s why I was one of the few people who wasn’t surprised when he and the Sounders “parted ways” last week, on the first day of the season. We still desperately need someone besides Montero who can score goals and I’m not sure that O’Brien White is that man, but maybe he’ll surprise me.

Hey, did I tell you I’m taking an exercise class? Jesus. I am pathetic. I am the most out of shape, least-coordinated exercise class participant you can imagine. The teacher is a saint and I love her, but I sure am horrible at just about every aspect of the class, even when she modifies the exercises so that my little brain can grasp the sequences. I will write an entire blog post soon about the class because I need to tell you at length just how challenging it is for me, but I’m too tired at the moment. She kicked our butts today and just about every muscle in my body aches right now.

Okay, dears, thanks for coming back. I promise to avoid such long breaks in the future (without warning you first that I need some space).



  1. Thanks for picking put up the slack, Hannah. I promise to come up with something, soon!

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