Posted by: hannah jo | February 3, 2011

Post Number 300!

Congratulations to us! We’ve made it to 300 posts, which is kind of impressive, don’t you think, considering we (I) started this as a lark?

You know what’s even more impressive? Lori’s in a rock band! Being the horrible friend that I am, I missed her most recent gig (it was a cram-packed weekend, full of heavy-duty grown-up stuff, so something had to give, okay, I’ll stop defending myself now, Lori’s been great about it, but I still feel awful that I missed one of her shows), which was at a bar in Kenmore last Saturday night. It sounds like it was a great gig and somebody captured one of the songs on a recording device. YAY!

Behold the Basementeurs! That’s Lori, smacking the bejesus out of the marimba, and that’s her adorable husband on lead vocals. I am not worthy!

UPDATE from Hannah: Hi, there. Just fixed an earlier typo and noticed that the video seems to be playing a tad jumpy when embedded in this post. If you’d like to see it flow more smoothly, just go straight to youtube with this link:



  1. It’s comforting to know I have company in my cravenness, for I missed the show as well. It was a hellish week and I thought one needed to get a visa to go to Kenmore. I’ll do better next time.

    And congratulations on 300 posts. Most blogs don’t make it to 30, I’m told, so count yourselves amongst the elite in both content and perseverance.

  2. LoJo look especially menacing with the giant Jeager flag looming in the background. Very Metallica circa 1988.

    • That flag belonged to the bar, by the way. Although I was trying to get Joe’s head positioned in between the stag’s antlers for my personal amusement.

  3. I’m proud to say all my instruments are sufficiently bejesus-free! Maybe I should play the drums…..

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