Posted by: hannah jo | January 5, 2011

More thoughts about literary tattoos

Remember a year and a half ago when I wrote a little post about literary tattoos? Well, I’ve been thinking more about them.

Andy gave me this fabulous book for Christmas and I’ve been studying it like crazy. I also checked out Body Type 2 from my library and immediately put Body Type on hold. All three books include fascinating examples of tattoos that feature words, numbers, letters, or some connection to the literary world. As I think more about getting a tattoo, I realize that a letter or word(s) would suit me best. Maybe I’ll start with a letter and then go from there.

The only images that mean enough to me to consider as tattoo designs are a lily, a record player, or a typewriter. But, yikes, what if I can’t deal with the pain? Or hate how it turns out? Or, you know, realize later that it was a really dumb idea?

Here’s the web site that served as the inspiration for the book pictured above:  The Word Made Flesh. The authors are now planning to create a book of tattoos inspired by music — lyrics, band names, etc. Maybe it’s finally time for me to get that David Bowie Aladdin Sane tattoo! (Just kidding, Andy. You can breathe now.)



  1. I love my tattoo, and still don’t regret it. Of course, my ankles aren’t baggy yet….
    I’ll go with you if you want me to; a shot of Grey Goose will ease the minor pain!

  2. Just found you looking for literary tattoos, you may like this:

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