Posted by: loripalooza | November 9, 2010

The Dark Side of Neverland

There’s a six-and-a-half foot coffin in my living room. I’ve thought about turning it into a bookcase, but decided while we do have a fairly whimsical house, that might just be too far, even for us. It’s a left over prop from our Halloween party, but hasn’t made its way into the shed for storage yet, as we have to move some things around. Except for mangled bits of red and black feathers from my boa that keep showing up in odd places around the house like some exotic bird the cats got at, and tiny green sequins from Ginger’s (of Gilligan’s Island fame, aka Bad Betty) slinky gown, there’s (almost) no evidence a party took place a week and a half ago. Joe had a nightmare the other night that the party was still going on, that everyone was having such a good time they just didn’t want to leave – The Dark Side of Neverland. I think it was inspired by the coffin lurking nearby, but also that we had three couples who thought they were being responsible by all agreeing to take cabs home party night, but when it came time to order them no cab company in the Seattle area was available. I mean, not even to talk to! Can you imagine calling at 2:30 in the morning in desperate need of a ride home and getting an answering machine? Frankly, I was appalled. I should write a letter to somebody. I was actually sober and willing to drive them all home, but was so exhausted from the basement remodel and party prep, and performing and hosting (and breaking up a fight where I had that I Think I’m a Much Bigger Dog Than I Really Am syndrome and got a stray limb to the mouth) that I was hustled off to bed, but not before donning Gilligan’s hat (found under our basin sink….hmmmm…..) and some flannel PJs for one last photo op in the coffin. (Good for a laugh, but the photo is quite unflattering, so you’ll never see it.)

All in all the party was a success. People were fed, (well) lubricated and entertained. The decor was classy Gothic, I hope. There were laughs, hugs, singing and dancing.

I love Joe's new look!!

Okay, there was some broken glass, and an injured foot, and a plumbing issue involving our basin sink which someone tried to sit on to wash said foot, and a broken guitar string during a song, and yeah, a wrestling match that broke down a section of our fence, which turned into a rematch later and an actual fight (see stray limb comment above). Then, you know, the six friends sprawled around the house until 3:30 in the morning…But we all survived and got some good pics, so I’m pretty much over the bad stuff.

Dead Hannahbrarian and Andalicious

Next year, Joe and I were thinking of a no-theme party, and dressing as a waitress and a janitor; two roles we play every year during our party. Not! We’re actually leaning toward Rocky Horror Picture Show. Can’t you just see Joe as Frank-N-Furter, myself as Columbia, and Hannah and Andy as Magenta and Riff Raff?

Next year's costumes? Shall we vote?



  1. Totally! Go for it!!!!

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