Posted by: hannah jo | October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Lily and Joe hosted another amazing Halloween party last night and were rock stars, once again. Hot, sweaty rock stars. I’ll tell you more about that later, or maybe both Lori and I will. But, today, as Lily enters the “too old to go trick or treating” stage and is trying to figure out how best to celebrate Halloween, I’m remembering when she was a little young for Halloween. These are from her second Halloween, at Andy’s workplace, when Lily was 14 months old.



  1. Happy Hallowe’en you guys. Lulu and I were booked for a different party that night, but then I was struck low with a fever, and we didn’t wind up going to any party, or getting to wear our costumes at all this year. Which just goes to show you don’t so No to Joe…

  2. I felt her, she was sweaty. I didn’t feel Joe, but he looked sweaty (and scary). Lori and Joe have, hands down, the best darn Halloween parties in these parts.

  3. What a Cutie-Bee! I love how the treat bag is half her size…

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