Posted by: loripalooza | October 25, 2010

Cheater Cheater, Again

Had to pull this one out after seeing Hannah’s last post! That’s me perched on my high school graduation present, a ’71 Fiat Spider. For scale, remember that at this time I had to stretch to be five-feet tall (4’11” on my first driver’s license). This photo was taken the morning after Senior Prom in May 1979, soon after my father asked me to fill the bird feeder that was hanging on this side of the house. As I turned the corner, bird seed in hand, recalling all the romance and no-doubt drama of the dance the night before and saw this adorable car sporting a big white bow I’m sure the scream was heard across the Puget Sound. Doubt if I filled the feeder, either.

This photo says so much! First you’ll notice the car is the same color as Hannah’s Firebird; purely coincidence, yet another Soul Sister moment. That’s pretty much where it stopped, though, because unlike Hannah who earned her own money and paid for most of her car, and had a great handy dad who taught her all about how to take car of the car by herself, mine was given to me. Of course, the car didn’t actually have an engine at the time, (which I’m always sure to mention when I say I got a car for my graduation present, just in case anyone thinks I was – ahem – spoiled), and as much as that crooked bumper might be seen as a goofy grin making the car ooze with character, it did need to be fixed. I’m pretty sure that front license plate was wired on. The next week we towed it up 24 miles to a shop in Mt. Vernon, me sitting in the passenger seat with the hard top off, soft top down, my first ex-brother-in-law steering, because they didn’t trust me. Ha! They didn’t trust me then?!?

The bounteous curls the serendipitous effect caused by freeing my hair from the fancy prom up-do I had the night before. The unfinished section of the house to the left of the car was the in-progress mother-in-law apartment and rec room that would be decked out with hot tub, pool table and bar the second I moved out of the house for college. Not so sure this was a coincidence…

The light blue bulge to the right behind the hedge is my brother’s first car, a ’56 Chevy, which he bought with money from his bowling alley job on base, then became an icon parked in my parents’ back driveway there for years afterward when he joined the Navy and was stationed everywhere but Oak Harbor. I used to sneak the keys and take it for a roar around the block, grinding the gears and straining to see over the huge steering wheel. Sweet little sister,Lori!

See my Adidas sneakers? Up until high school I was stuck with the cheapo sneakers from the base along with Hannah, but then my dad started managing a sporting goods store. THE sporting goods store in Oak Harbor, named Chuck Dann’s, after the owner. From then on I was rolling in the top quality sporting gear. Too bad I wasn’t into sports….



  1. Benzina! Wish I could tell the 17-year-old in that photo that in 32 years she was going to have short red hair and perform in a rock band with her husband. I’ll bet she’d still be laughing.

  2. It’ kind of strange as I have a 300 Weathherby Magnum
    rifle made in Germany 12/11/1959 all it says is shipped to
    Chuch Dann’s sporting goods 1959 Rifle # 22756

    Bill Bandon Or 97411

    • Small world, isn’t it?

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