Posted by: hannah jo | June 4, 2010

Bookshelf Pornishness

Remember a couple of years ago when I linked to a site that had a Bookcase of the Day feature?

Today’s link is to Bookshelf Porn — “A collection of all the best bookshelf photos for people that *heart* bookshelves.” I love the recent post by the site’s creator: “Dear people who read Bookshelf Porn, I am sure you are all smart, super good-looking, talented, funny and you probably smell nice too.  I’ve had a little over 75,000 people visit the blog in the last month and I just wanted to say thanks. Anthony”

I’m not a rocket scientist, but I’m thinking that having the word “porn” contained in your site’s name probably doesn’t hurt the stats any. It would be pretty cool if the word “bookshelf” was the cause, but that’s probably only true for a small group of people.

That group of people appears in this video that I’m sure all of my librarian friends have seen by now, but perhaps my 12 non-librarian friends have not seen it yet. I just met some of these people (from the video) last weekend when I presented a guest lecture to Nancy Pearl’s Adult Readers Services in the Public Library class at the iSchool. Back when I was a grad student, I took classes from most of the staff members you see in the video. Yes, we librarian-types are really that dorky. We can’t help it and, in fact, are kind of proud of it.

One more thing — my talented friend Pamela has published a story that you need to go read right now. I am bursting with pride.



  1. I thought I fell asleep and was having some bizarre sexy-dancing-librarians-fantasy dream, but no, it was your video. Love it!

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