Posted by: loripalooza | May 17, 2010

4F Weekend

Friends, food, family and fun.  That’s what my weekend was filled with. Here’s a taste:

Friday we joined former neighbors/friends, (current friends, former neighbors) at Naked City for a couple of cold ones and began our meandering through our old neighborhood for the kick-off of the art walk season with the Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk.  Lots of great artwork and live music, but my favorite combination was when we were all spread out in a funky-maze-like gallery and in from the alleyway The Titanium Sporkestra bursts in, drums a-rolling and horns a-blarin’.  It was energizing, it was funkiness galore, it was Burning Man in a brick art gallery in Greenwood!  Of course I danced, all the while wishing that I too could have a giant drum strapped around my waist pounding away, spreading happiness vibes throughout the universe.  The place not to be missed on this annual event, though, is Valentine’s. The place is jam-packed, like you figure out why this phrase exists because of this jumpin’ joint – it’s hot, it’s sweet, it’s filled to the brim and you might not be able to get the lid on without some spilling over.  I can’t say I ever really saw the art that was on display, because I was jostling my way from the wine table to the buffet corner, and dancing with Joe to the awesome blues band that was playing on stage. The whole place was like stepping back in time to jazzville.  Sorry to say, the only picture I took the entire night was of this dog in one of the galleries.The next afternoon we attended a barbecue themed The World Pup, where we feasted on delicious summertime food (including roasted corn with garlic-cilantro butter!) and watched the Sounders beat Red Bull (don’t even get me going on teams with corporate names – Rollerball anyone?), followed by a back yard full of everyone’s dogs playing some not-so-serious soccer.  Sure, they looked like they were rolling on their backs begging for a belly-scratch, but it seemed suspiciously the equivalent of humans rolling around with fake injuries as a stall tactic, if you ask me.


Our friends James and Sophie’s new puppy, Olly, scored two goals, even though he was the smallest and has only three legs!  Rumors were flying about the game being rigged.  Joe and I spent about an hour kicking a small soccer ball for Tank, a tireless Boston Terrier who was a pro at catching the ball in mid air, and didn’t even mind if you accidentally kicked it into his head now and then. Came back for more every time.  Until the soccer ball was a dog-slobbered bit of unrecognizable foam the size of a hacky-sack.


My parents came down on Sunday for the first visit to our house in a couple of years, and we had the pleasure of feeding them gourmet sandwiches featuring fresh baked Joe-baguettes, (Joeguettes?) and showing off all of our house improvements.

Mom & Dad, rockin' our basement.

The sun cooperated and graciously lit our yard, and warmed our conversation.  The newest improvement to the yard was this arbor, created by Joe, with Nathan’s help.  Joe spent hours tying those knots on the bamboo, and he has the blisters to prove it. We have more recycled glass pieces to add to the squares, but the structure is secure and cemented in place.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s bound to make me smile every time I see it.

The Arbor



  1. We need to meet Oily, pronto! What a doll. That arbor is pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see it in person. And, how adorable is that photo of your parents? TOO adorable! I can’t imagine how you turned out the way you did.

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