Posted by: hannah jo | May 10, 2010

Two unicyclists and a 3-legged dog

During Lily’s spring break, one of her friends slept over one night and brought her unicycle with her. Lily is an excellent unicycler and her friend was inspired to learn after seeing Lily ride. I invited them along as I walked Happy the next morning and they joined me on their unicycles. After going a couple of blocks and realizing we were getting a lot of attention, Lily’s friend said, “I wonder what people are thinking when they see us — two unicyclists and a 3-legged dog?” We all laughed pretty hard because it wasn’t till that moment that we realized we looked like the most scraggly, broke circus around. Cute girls, cute dog, but a strange crew, to be sure.

I’m sorry I haven’t written here much lately. So many factors at work:  stupid sinus infection woes along with intense side effects from the medicine, an uncomfortably full calendar of non-stop stuff going on, Season 3 of Mad Men on DVD, competition with my family members for access to the computer, Sounders games, and a Big Writing Project on the side that gets some of my attention very late at night when I can’t sleep. I’m wondering if I should give my contribution to the blog a rest until my writing gig is done, but then again, maybe I’ll turn to it as an alternative when I feel like I need a break from The Project. Clearly, I have some stuff to sort out.

Season 3 of Mad Men was good. Andy thinks there was too much Don Draper. Andy can only take just so much of that jaw. I loved Peggy Olson this season and I’m always amazed by Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell. Did you see this recent article in the Guardian about him? He’s an interesting, but rather odd, dude. He has no toilet in his house. Or a mirror. Okay.

We’ve gone to a few Sounders games lately, with mixed results. We saw a match a couple of weeks ago that ended in a 1-1 tie, but was still a great soccer match. The Sounders passed the ball beautifully, they were aggressive, and they had true teamwork going on. Last weekend, though? They got spanked. Soundly, soundly spanked. Honestly, though, I didn’t mind terribly. It was a beautiful day. The other team (the L.A. Galaxy) played impressively and I enjoy watching great soccer, even if it’s being played by some other team. Landon Donovan had three assists and a goal for LA (and was named MLS player of the week for his efforts) and I’m fairly certain he’ll be on the U.S. World Cup team this summer, so watching him excel was a treat. The U.S. team roster will be announced on Tuesday afternoon.

Obviously, Vanity Fair thinks Donovan will be on the team. Have you seen the photo spread in the most recent issue? I haven’t seen it in print yet, but will probably buy the issue tomorrow, you know, FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES. We are ridiculously stoked about this summer’s World Cup, which starts in just 30 DAYS! See, I just remembered that I need to keep writing on this blog so I can bore all of you with World Cup soccer blathering! Andy has begun making the necessary phone calls to get cable lined up and to rent a DVR. It’s comically complicated now that there are so many options. The guy Andy talked to on the phone the other day could have been making everything up during the conversation and we certainly wouldn’t have known any better. As long as it all works by June 11th, that’s fine.

Hey, do you like beer? Yes? Go click on that new beercat link on the right side of your screen. You will be glad you did.



  1. Thanks for the plug, Hannah!

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