Posted by: loripalooza | April 27, 2010

Cheaterpants, Take 2

So, we recently had our email, voicemail and internet services all bundled (more like bungled) together at work with Verizon, and since this occurred we’ve lost our internet, email and voicemail, one after the other and I’ve had to make numerous, very long calls to get them back.  Everything is mostly fixed now (this after a week), except for voicemail.  The menu when you call for technical support kills me every time, because the pre-recorded voice has these little sudden realization moments and casual asides, like “Oh!  Technical support is busy with other calls right now…”  and “Oh, by the way, our center is down nationally right now.”

Here’s me this afternoon on the latest call; intermittently on hold and being told absolutely useless information:


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