Posted by: hannah jo | April 21, 2010

The cheaterpants photo post

So much text in my head, so little free time for typing it. Instead, I will cheat and post some photos that I just discovered on our hard drive. Andy or Lily must have transferred these from their cameras to our computer recently. I’d never seen them before. Enjoy! (Sorry if they take a long time to download. I don’t have a way to shrink them right now.)

Lily had a sore throat one day, so was using this white board to communicate.

Look who got a bath last weekend!

Santa knows me too well.

Adorable husband on Thanksgiving.

Close-up of Andy's fancy Thanksgiving t-shirt.



  1. Is the phrase “I like eggs” in such frequent use at your house that it was necessary on the board?
    Is it some kind of euphemism?

  2. You mean it’s not in frequent use at your house?!

  3. You should absolutely do exactly this kind of cheaterpants post again! All of you are just too, too adorable for words–pictures really do the trick.

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