Posted by: hannah jo | March 4, 2010

Happy National Grammar Day

Help me celebrate National Grammar Day today! Help me convince Lily to stop starting sentences with “Me and…” I don’t want to be that mom that constantly harps at her child about language, but the sound of “me and…” crushes my brain.

Hooray for March! So much about February was awful, with exceptions like the Wilco concert, of course. I haven’t written about it here, but our hot water heater broke down on Valentine’s Day and flooded part of the basement. Then I got very sick. Plus, you know, there’s that whole re-org thing at work that I can’t talk or write about in a public place. Summary, though — not good.

But, because I hate to be a hater and I really do know that I am one lucky, lucky girl, here are some things that I want to celebrate today, in addition to National Grammar Day.

Thanks to Mike for constantly recommending excellent CDs to me that I might otherwise miss. I check them out from the library and almost always love them. Recent hits include the Cracker CD, Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey, and MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular.

Thanks to Kenneth for having lunch with me yesterday and telling me that he had nachos for breakfast. My new hero!

Thanks to Linda for letting me copy her and buy the exact same boots as her, which I have worn almost every day since I purchased them. Linda and I were at an event together downtown a couple of weeks ago and both ended up wearing the boots (and almost wore the exact same clothes, but that’s another story). We were crossing the street and accidentally jaywalked because I was gabbing so much and distracted by some construction and lights and excitement about seeing Linda. A cop was standing right there and said, “Are you really going to make it that easy for me to ticket you?” I babbled my apologies and explanations and he looked down at our boots and said, “Hey, are you both wearing the same boots?” No ticket! Thank you, boots!

Thanks to Lori for sending me a photo of herself yesterday that reminded me that no matter how old we get we will always feel 13, the age we were when we met. In the photo, she’s wearing fangs made of long white pills. Adorable.

Thanks to Jeannie for making me a stellar mix CD and sending it to me at work out of the blue. I promise to write a whole post about it sometime soon. It arrived on a day when I really needed it. Someone was handing out the mail and said, “Here, Hannah, I have a package for you.” And I said, “I hope it’s a mix CD. I could really use a good mix CD right now.” And it was. Bless you.

Thanks to Darci for loaning me a mix CD that was playing at work before we opened on Sunday. Excellent mix of some familiar and unfamiliar tunes.

Thanks to Pamela R. for sending me this link today. Now I need to go to Toronto more than ever.

Thanks to everyone who recommended that I read Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. Wow. What an amazing book. Go read it now.

Thanks to our 4-year-old neighbor Fekadu for yelling out to Andy while he was walking Happy the other day, “Hey, is she still missing a leg?”



  1. First, let’s talk boots: I will have a crisis when it really truly is spring and I have to wear something other than boots every day. Second, I’m going to go brown in Portland (so we’ll avoid wearing the same outfits). And I have no third.
    I could forgive a sentence starting with “me and” because we all know it’s not going to be a lifetime habit. However, I canNOT tolerate when someone says “I” when he/she should say “me.” It’s so sideways screwed up wrongheaded and misinformed that I can’t listen to what comes after that.
    And now I’m nervous that I said something grammatically incorrect (ungrammatical?) here.

    • You’re wearing the brown ones in Portland?! Bummer. I was hoping we might wear our matchy-matchy outfits to dinner one night, but I get how that might be creepy, too. Hey, I answered a reference question about my boots at work the other day! A woman came up and quizzed me about them because she had been looking at them online and wanted to confirm the brand, style, and sizing. Do they run large or small? Can you tell me what size you normally wear and the European sizing you chose? It was a very detailed reference interaction. Click!

  2. Me and my mom both laughed very hard at your 3 legged dog story.

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