Posted by: hannah jo | February 25, 2010

Hannah’s mish-mash of links

I’m about to get ready for work, so am pressed for time, but I do want to post a few links here today because they’re items that I have enjoyed recently and I am all about sharing.

You know I’m a mixtape freak AND a librarian, so imagine how much I LOVE this list:  Mixtape: 10 Best Songs About Libraries and Librarians.

I also adore nerds (Hi, Andy!) and The Who, so was delighted when Jason posted a link to this video on Facebook yesterday:

Did you see that Sherman Alexie was nominated for the 2010 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction?

Are you aware that we are on pins and needles in this household because there is a very real chance of a strike in the MLS? Today is the deadline (already extended twice previously) for the MLS and the player’s union to reach an agreement. The players are criminally underpaid. I hope they get higher entry-level salaries, but I am nervous about how this is going to go.

And, in honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, which I’m kind of starting to go nuts about even though I’ve seen like 3 of the films that are nominated, I am all swoony over this montage of the films of the 2000s, which I found on the Stranger’s blog, Slog. Seriously, click on that link and go watch it now.



  1. A mixtape that seems like it was made by you!

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