Posted by: hannah jo | January 5, 2010

Checkin’ in now that it’s 2010

Clearly, I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to post here more often! Perhaps I should have. I’ve been thinking that Lori and I should have a little blog meeting, similar to the band meetings that the Flight of the Conchords have.



“Good, very professional.” 



I suppose it’s time to finally update the banner after two years of blogging here, although I am very attached to that photo, which Joe took in Paris. And, I’ve been imagining adding a couple of new fixed pages that feature lists of what we’re reading (since there seems to be some interest in that) and such. So, Lori, let’s have a little blog meeting sometime in the near future, okay? Sharpen your pencil and bring a legal pad!

How were your holidays, everyone? Lovely, I hope. Ours were, thank you. One of the highlights was New Year’s Day. We visited my brother’s family, whom I almost never see, and I got to hold the smiliest baby in the world (my brother’s granddaughter) for ages. My arms were sore the next day. In a good way!

Here at home, Andy, Lily, and I recently indulged in marathon viewings of Season 3 of Project Runway on DVD, which I checked out from the library. Even though we’re years behind and knew who was going to win, we still loved every minute of it. We’re working our way through various seasons of the show on DVD, not in order, because who cares? It’s still fabulous! I am in love with Tim Gunn. Everything about him. His manners, his vocabulary, his wardrobe, even his catch phrases that probably annoy everyone else. “Make it work!” So suave. So elegant. LOVE HIM. Did you know that Tim Gunn’s mother was a librarian? Excellent!

Okay, my friends, time for me to run. I will check in again, soon. I hope you will, too.



  1. Meeting? Check.
    Fixed pages? errrrr. Maybe you should just do whatever, you know. I’ll write stuff.

    Just kidding. Sorta.

    Meeting. Yes.

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