Posted by: hannah jo | December 3, 2009

Movie Loser

When did I turn into such a movie loser? I used to be nuts about seeing films, but I see so few now, and almost never in a theater. I ran into an old friend a while ago, whom I hadn’t seen in more than 15 years. He started talking to me about movies and I just drew a blank. He said that one of the things he remembered the most about me was that I saw so many movies, especially independent and foreign films. Really. He was talking about me. Weird.

The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures just announced its awards for the top films of 2009. I have seen exactly ZERO of these films. None. Not one of the Top Ten Films, not one of the Top Independent Films, not even one of the Top Five Documentaries. Not in a theater. Not on DVD.

You know what I have seen, though? The second Twilight movie, New Moon. And it was AWFUL. I am officially on record (on Goodreads) as not enjoying the book. Only one person in our household enjoys that series of books, and I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me or my pre-teen daughter. So, Lily had a friend over this weekend and we thought, what the heck, let’s go see the vampire movie. Here’s the only reason to see it. 


Lily and Andy are now on Team Jacob, but I can’t resist the pasty white skin and red lips on Edward. I hope I just saved you $10. And, yes, I’m aware that body airbrushing might be involved in that photo above. So, go see one of the movies on the NBR list instead.


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