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Basementeur Interveur

Basementeurs 1

John, Joe, Heidi, Lori, Scott & Kevin


RS:  First off I have to let you know I caught your debut the other night at your Halloween party, and I must say, you guys put on quite a show. How did it feel up there in the spotlight?

L:  Well, there were a lot of friendly faces, and we were in costume, too, hiding behind a mask, as it were, so it wasn’t so bad, really. Kinda hot, mostly. ‘Course that could have been the dancing beforehand, or the beergarita, or, now that I think of it the Scooby Gang brought those tasty Jello-shots…

058Karin 2

RS:  Yeah, the crowd loved it when you were demanding Jello before you even started.

L: Jello is fun.

RS:  Ha! Right!  Tell me about the white vest you were wearing.  What’s it called?

L:  Well, I haven’t really thought of a name for it yet. (long pause) Oh, you mean the product!  GlowFur.  It’s faux fur that glows, get it? There’s a little 9volt battery in a pocket inside that keeps that baby glowing for hours.  Me too!  Very popular on the Playa at Burning Man this year.

RS:  Oh, were you there?

L: No


Blake, guest spot, & John

RS:  How did you come up with the name The Basementeurs?

L:  There’s a funny story to that, really. The original band, John the bass player, Kevin the lead guitar, and Joe on woodwinds and vocals, called themselves the Shed Hacks.  When they got together again about a year ago, with a new drummer, Scott, they sweet talked me into playing with them because they needed some rhythm guitar on Ballad of John and Yoko, and they needed a fresher name.  We were the Scallawags for a while, then were unofficially calling ourselves Scott Free because the drummer quit. But we had to scrap that because our new new drummer is also named Scott.  Finally I came up with a great one everyone could agree on, only to find after a Google search a week later that it was already taken, and by a local band, even! 

Kev Singing


RS:  What was that one? 

L:  Dix Deluxe.  Isn’t that great?  But another band had it.  There was a lot of trash talk among the Basementeurs about them right away, ‘… Dix Deluxe sux!’ that kind of thing, you know.  So, what do you think of the platinum hair? 

RS:  Nice, nice.  So, I see by your set list you’re doing all covers right now. How about originals?

L:  Well, even though I sing and play the guitar, – I can’t decide which is scarier, by the way, not that you asked – my true passion is writing. I like to think of myself more as a writer; a wordsmith.  Like you!

RS:  Oh really. (long pause)  What songs, if any, have you written?

L:  The most recent would be one I wrote while Joe, my husband, was unemployed for five months, Sugar Mama Blues.  Before that I wrote a rock song inspired by my son called Mama Used to be a Rock Chick.  Then there was Lesbians to Polyblends…the only one with music; a lot of good flute in that one.

RS:  And what inspired that song?

L:  What do you think of the name Trixie for my GlowFur?  Oh, it was based on a tangential conversation.  The song.

RS:  What do you see for The Basementeur’s future?

L:  Would you like a cookie? 

020Rock Out


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