Posted by: loripalooza | November 3, 2009

More Halloween Fun

049Andy Hannah Lori Joe 3

Andy, Hannah, Lori and Joe "Horndog"

Ohmigod! I am eagerly awaiting the regrowth of Joe’s beard!

010Lori Joe 3

GlowFur vest and 'magenta' velvet boots! We're stylin'!

And we were the party hosts, people.  Would you take a homebrew from this man?  Would you take anything from this man?

026Andy Hannah

Foxy couple!

I can’t believe we didn’t get a shot of Hannah’s shoes!  They were truly towering. My son Nathan (no good shots of the elusive lad…) was doing the greatest imitation of her the next day during cleanup, prancing around on his toes “I’m so tall, I’m so tall!!”  My equally tall leopard platforms became unsoled; fortunately Hannah was there to catch me as I fell, and I had a back-up pair, though not as tall as Hannah’s.

027Scooby Gang 3

Crowd pleasers, The Scooby Gang!!

Joel, our brother-in-law Kevin, Joe’s sister Mary, and Tracie. These guys were the Flintstones and Rubbles last year; Daphne on the right there was Bad Betty. And to be honest, I would be bad if I had legs like that!  I did get even with her biting Joe’s Luchadore nipple last year by biting her back this year. I won’t say where…Isn’t the pose awesome!  I’m thinking dark Goth theme for next year.  Maybe they’ll be the Adams Family?  Kevin would be the best Lurch!

053Andy Hannah Lori Joe

I tell you, it’s not a party if my tongue isn’t hanging out at some point. I love how serious Andy is here, and then, there’s Joe…The next day I was going to tell him he could get the rest of the eyeliner off with a Qtip, but…ummmm…. forgot.

042HannahThis photo’s a little soft focus, as there may have been movement involved, so I’m putting it in a bit smaller than the others.  I just needed to add it, because I wasn’t sure if all these other photos convey just how much fun Hannah was having.  She’s either laughing or singing here, both which equal happy.



  1. These photos make my year!

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