Posted by: hannah jo | October 26, 2009

Radical Militant Librarian


Check out the logo on the new shirt I got in the mail on Saturday. I saw an article about it in an ALA-related e-mail message I got last week and ordered the shirt right away. Here’s a link to the site in case you want to buy one, too, or if you want to know what those Latin words mean.

I had another excellent week librarian-wise last week, so the shirt arrived at the right time. Lori and I attended a wonderful event at Third Place Books mid-week, featuring Nancy Pearl and several local-ish authors. Then, I went to Seattle Bookfest yesterday and watched my friend Linda do an outstanding job of moderating a panel of local book reviewers. I took notes at both events and hope to carve out some time soon to type them up and share them with you.

I also read some fabulous new books last week. Fall, glorious, fall. I love you! Thanks for the opportunity to wear tights and turtlenecks again, the chance to kick through all colors of leaves when I walk to work, and for bringing so many amazing new books and authors to our lives.


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