Posted by: hannah jo | September 30, 2009

Toil Is Stupid

pt-D_29600_023!KUNGFI didn’t know that the phrase “Toil is stupid” was a Devo phrase until I Googled it just a minute ago. I saw the phrase on a bumper sticker this morning at Ballard Market. It was on a red van that had a Devo-related vanity license plate, which should have been a clue, I guess. The plate said “WERDEVO” or something similar. I was never a Devo fan, although I know a lot of people who were back in the day. Devo’s lead singer, Mark Mothersbaugh, came into the radio station where I worked in the 80s and was interviewed by one of my colleagues. In an attempt to show how cool he was, my colleague asked Mr. Mothersbaugh about the raincoat he was wearing:  “Hey, is that some new type of Devo-wear you’ve got on there?!” “No. It’s. A. Rain. Coat. It’s raining outside.” was the terse response, dripping with irritation and an undertone of “why do I have to put up with these radio idiots?” It was totally humiliating. The van also had an Abide sticker, which I’m a big fan of, thanks to The Big Lebowski.abide

Why am I talking about bumper stickers, after such a long absence from my beloved blog? I guess it’s an intentional diversion from talking about my life, which, truth be told, has been supremely sucky lately. Lily’s been sick. I’ve been sick. A very good friend of mine has gone through some awfully traumatic stuff, which affects me pretty deeply. A man committed suicide one and a half blocks away from our house last week and Andy happened to be driving Lily to school when emergency personnel were there, with the poor man’s covered body on the ground. My library system is having all kinds of financial troubles and I don’t know yet whether I’m going to be laid off or not. It’s the not knowing that’s driving me nuts because I love my job a great deal.

There have been good moments, I promise. I really do hate to be a whiner. Really, I do. So here are some good things: 

  • Fall, my favorite season, is here!
  • My friend Misha had her 2nd baby this morning, a son named Enzo. I just talked to her on the phone and she sounds wonderful. I’m so happy for her and her family. Lily will be thrilled out of her head when I pick her up from school and give her the news (which will help soften the blow of telling her that she has to go the doctor’s with me this aflight-of-the-conchords-jemaine-clement-194x300fternoon).
  • We’ve watched some episodes of the second season of The Flight of the Conchords, which I have checked out from the library, and Jemaine is still his hilarious, dreamy self.
  • I saw the movie Adventureland on DVD (see, when you’re sick, you get to watch lots of DVDs) and absolutely loved it even though it has huge flaws and Andy didn’t like it so much. The main character makes a mix tape of “bummer songs” for a girl he likes. There, that’s all you need to know about that movie to understand why I love it so much. Oh, and the song they play from it:  the Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes. Oh, and just coincidentally, both of the main characters have gigantic David Bowie posters up in their bedrooms:  one has the cover of Aladdin Sane and the other has the cover of Heroes. They name check The Replacements and Big Star. And, Martin Starr (Bill Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks) is in it. OK, enough. I’m sure I’ve made myself very clear now about why I love Adventureland.
  • Andy and I went shopping for Halloween costumes and had a blast. I now own 5-inch platform heeled shoes. I plan to wear them to the library after Halloween, just for fun. You know, if I still have a job then…


  1. I measured my platforms this morning before work and they’re only four inches. It’s amazing to feel like I’m totally tall and towering when I’m only 5’4″. My big fear is that everyone at our Halloween party will be wearing platforms and I won’t seem any taller at all….Maybe I should make everyone take off their shoes at the door and then keep mine on. Not really, just a thought.

    Congrats to Misha! Ahhhh, babies.

    Hope you and Lily are feeling better and here’s to a much better week!

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