Posted by: hannah jo | September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear Lori

CIMG4804SToday is Lori’s birthday! You may remember that I wrote a birthday post about her one year ago today and, just to be clear, all of those sentiments are still true. I realized later that I had forgotten to mention some really important stuff, like how Lori always leaves cilantro out of the food she makes for me because she knows I despise it and that she always has Grey Goose vodka in her freezer for me and she super-duper cleans her house to reduce cat hair because I’m allergic to cats and what you can see by just these few examples is that being my friend is extremely hard work and a huge pain in the neck. Yet, somehow she remains my closest friend. I know! I am SO LUCKY! Happy birthday, dear Lori. I love you.



  1. Thanks, Hannah! You’re worth every little effort, you know. And what a contrast between my picture up there and Jim and Patti! I’ve been trying to think, was it you I went to see Jim Carroll and the woman from Romeo Void, Debora Iyall, at Kane Hall, years and years ago? You introduce to me so many wonderful things–thank you.

    Love, Me

  2. Yes! We went to that together. That might have been where I made him sign all those books, but I’m not sure. I remember it was shortly after I had changed my name to Hannah and I was so thrilled to see my new name in Jim Carroll’s handwriting.

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