Posted by: hannah jo | September 9, 2009

Excuse me, we have a frog situation

See, I said I’d write more about our trip soon! Yes, our trip involved frogs.

We stayed in a lovely house on the Chiwawa (I promise that’s the correct spelling, Linda!) River, which is not too far from the little town of Plain, Washington, about 25 minutes outside of the kitschy town of Leavenworth. The owners of the house call it a cabin, so we did, too, but let’s be honest. It’s a house. A really nice house, with a hot tub and a foosball table.

We did something really smart on this trip — we brought a good friend of Lily’s with us. In addition to being an incredibly easy-going and sweet girl, Lily’s friend Natalie is very polite. So, when she and Lily were hanging out in the hot tub one morning and kind of freaked out when they saw a frog on the edge of the hot tub, Natalie came upstairs to find us and said, “Excuse me, we have a frog situation.” Lily’s great, but she never would have said, “Excuse me, we have a frog situation.” She would have said, “GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! CAN’T YOU HEAR ME?! THERE’S A FROG ON THE HOT TUB!”

The frog turned out to be friendly, not one of those evil 12-year-old-girl-eating frogs, so everything turned out okay. In fact, the girls realized that frogs could be fun, so they ended up bonding with the various frogs we saw during our visit and I had to decline Lily’s many requests to bring one home.

Other wildlife included an adorable river otter, a couple groups of wild turkeys, a few deer, an osprey doing some serious hunting at Lake Wenatchee, lots and lots of other raptors, and one lizard.

Our trip was just what I’d hoped it would be — very relaxing. No TV reception or computers or newspapers. I got to read for hours while lying in a window seat. The sound of a river flowing by is pretty intoxicating. Andy and the girls went horseback riding one day. We played putt-putt golf and board games. We took lots of walks in beautiful places. I got to confirm that I am the world’s worst foosball player. When I got my butt kicked at foosball by Andy he said, “That’s payback for the Scrabble game last night.”

I loved listening to the girls while they rambled on and on about nothing and everything when they were hanging out in the hot tub. Lily came up with the idea of creating fantasy families for themselves. Lily’s fantasy parents? Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Fantasy siblings: Adam Lambert and Alison Iraheta from American Idol, and some guy from a reality TV design show that she watches online whom she loves because he says, “Hey, girl, hey!” in a really irresistable way. So, what’s interesting about this list (to me, anyway) is that I have been pretty hard core about making sure that Lily limits her TV viewing and yet all of her fantasy family people are from TV! I told a friend recently that I think Lily will end up hosting a TV variety show one day or will be a cast member on some future incarnation of SNL, and I really mean it. Her dream is to host American Idol.

We prepared most of our meals at the cabin, which went smoothly thanks to the place being so well stocked with kitchen utensils and spices and such. We ate in restaurants just twice. First, we stopped at the 59er Diner in Leavenworth because they advertised the World’s Best Milkshakes, which excited Andy and Lily. When we entered the diner, a waitress told us that they were taking cash only because their credit card connection was down. Fine. We had cash. A little while later, the waitress asked Andy if he worked for Microsoft. Well, he used to, but not now, why? Was she a former Microsoftie, too? No, she just thought he looked like a Microsoft employee, so maybe he could help them with their credit card system problem. Nerd bust! Andy said he didn’t have any experience with their system, but he’d take a look at it, what the heck. He advised them to shut everything down and reboot it (classic approach, by the way) and it worked! Andy, the nerd hero. Then, a few days later, we ate at a golf course restaurant near Lake Wenatchee where there was some serious drinkin’ and hootin’ and hollerin’ going on in the bar. The waitress comes up to our table and guess what? It’s the same waitress who waited on us at the 59er Diner. She seemed happy to see her hero again.

Now we’re back in the real world, as busy as ever. Lily started 7th grade yesterday. Andy turned 48 yesterday. The libraries re-opened yesterday. And I dreamt about that river.

Happy Birthday, Andy (belatedly)! Nice river.

Hey, do you work for Microsoft?



  1. Wonderful post, dearheart.

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