Posted by: loripalooza | August 27, 2009

Cat or Ewok?

PatchouliWideSI was just going to have a caption with this photo saying something show-and-tell-like: “This is Patchouli. She was a feral barn cat. Now she is mine. I love her very much.”  But it doesn’t do her justice.

 I’m using this as my screen saver at work these days. It’s slightly fuzzy and distorted because of the wide-angle lens used to shoot (aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!) her, but then, she’s definitely on the fuzzy side herself (hairballs are not uncommon with that long hair–we sometimes call her Puke-chouli…), plus that classic flat Persian face makes her seem a bit distorted most of the time, anyway.  In an adorable way.  In the right light when her back is to that wall to the left, painted a gold metallic, she looks like she has holes where her eyes are—Little Orphan Patchouli. She might be part Ewok, (one of the few cuddly indulgences from the Star Wars epic), or related to Oscar the Grouch, but really, she’s the sweetest thing around. Unless you’re trying to comb her…or shove a pill down her throat, but then who would like that?  I mean, (and bear with me if you’ve heard this before, because Joe and I love to tell this characteristic of hers, like proud parents of  a wetly snoring, very hairy, shedding beast-baby with an underbite) she begs by sitting quietly and passively next to you then reaching up and gently tapping you on the arm!  Sometimes she evens yawns as she reaches, feigning indifference.  Some of the different things she’s been known to eat (not that I would ever encourage begging at the table…) include pasta, couscous, edamame, Cheerios, garbanzo beans,  Nacho Cheese Doritos, and she’s crazy for cold honeydew melon.  

A friend told me recently about a kitty spa, where they massage the cat’s face, giving them a little kitty facial, and pedicure along with the wash and dry grooming, all in a serene, calm environment;  cat zen. And even though it sounds expensive, it might be fun to take her there for a treat. Plus it will give our regular groomers, who, unintentionally I’m sure, always greet us with “Pa-tchooooli”  in an elongated sneer, like Seinfeld saying “Newwwman,” whenever we bring her in for her lion cut.

We have another cat, too, Dharma. But we’ll save her for another time. Totally different personality, though, and just to whet your appetite, I’ll let you know we also sometimes call her Barf-ma.


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