Posted by: hannah jo | August 23, 2009

Eat at Delancey

I have been meaning to rave here about the new restaurant in my neighborhood, but have been distracted. Please forgive me.

I need to tell you about Delancey. You may already be familiar with this new pizza place because you might read the Orangette blog, written by the impossibly tiny Molly Wizenberg (also author of A Homemade Life). Molly’s husband, Brandon Pettit, created Delancey, with her help. I became very interested in the restaurant because I assumed (correctly!) that the food would be delicious AND because Delancey is pretty much right around the corner from our house. Andy, Lily, and I were fortunate enough to attend one of the “soft opening” dinners before the restaurant officially opened and I can honestly say that we loved our food so much that we almost licked our plates when we were done.

The pizza has the thinnest, tastiest crust, and it’s cooked in a wood-burning oven. The three of us split two pizzas (margherita and crimini mushroom), one salad (fresh corn and tomatoes with basil and a shallot vinaigrette), and one bittersweet chocolate chip cookie with grey salt. Everything was perfect. I dreamt that night about that cookie. Really.

Here’s another person’s blog post about eating there, complete with photos.

I’ve heard that business is hopping at Delancey and that lines can be long to get in, so we’ll wait a bit before returning. But, won’t it be wonderful to have the option to stroll over there whenever we have a hankering for an excellent restaurant meal? And, as if that weren’t awesome enough, it’s right next door to Honore, a French bakery that serves espresso and (sometimes, when I’m lucky) almond croissants. This is certainly not the same Ballard we moved into 14 years ago, that’s for sure!


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