Posted by: hannah jo | August 17, 2009

Everyone looked great, especially Lori

Yes, our high school reunion happened on Friday night. It was largely subdued, despite the insanely low cost of booze at the CPO club. Here’s an example tally of a round I picked up for our cast of characters:

1 glass of Chardonnay

1 bottle of Alaskan Amber

1 bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

1 bottle of Corona

1 shot of Grey Goose vodka over ice

Total Cost = $20.00

That is proof that we were not drinking in Seattle, my friends. Doesn’t that just make you want to live there? OH MY GOD. It makes it so easy to seem generous and pick up multiple rounds.

Now, if there had been a decent restaurant to visit after all that drinking and talking and checking everyone out–so exhausting, really–that would have been delightful. But no, no food. Luckily, I had a banana in my car, which I wolfed down. Lori mentioned that she and Joe were in possession of a glow-in-the dark basketball, which sounded promising as an after-reunion activity, but we ended up on Ben’s boat in the Marina, hanging out, swapping stories, and drinking.

Ben was my boyfriend during many of my teen years and I’m happy to say he’s still my friend. Andy and I have bought three cars from him over the years because he’s a sales manager at a car dealership in Bellevue. Ben’s girlfriend couldn’t make it to the reunion and Andy couldn’t go either, so I got to be Ben’s taxi service and reunion pal. He had never met Joe before and, of course, instantly fell for him, telling me many times how much he liked him.

Joe and Lori both looked fabulous, naturally. I wore my Sounders shirt because I am that kind of a dork. I honestly thought that most of my former classmates looked great. Yes, we look kind of old. We ARE old! But, many of us looked younger than our 48 or so years, I think.

Here’s the kind of weird conversation you have at a reunion:  A man came up to me and said hello. I was proud when I correctly remembered his name and greeted him back. He gave me a hard time, “You SHOULD remember my name — I was your first boyfriend!” I was all “WHAT?!” He said, “Remember, I gave you your first kiss in 5th grade!” I said, “Um, no. We rode our bikes around together. That’s all.” He said, “Nope. We rode bikes, but we also kissed.” I have absolutely no idea if he’s telling the truth! Maybe he went around and said that to every woman at the reunion who was also in our 5th grade class.

I spent a fair amount of time talking to a woman who I didn’t really hang out with in high school, but spent a lot of time with in elementary school and junior high when we were both Camp Fire Girls. We went to summer camp together for a week each summer for five years in a row. It was wonderful spending time with her and hearing about her kids and grandkids. I’ll bet she’s the greatest mom ever.



  1. Just so everyone knows, the ‘especially Lori’ is an inside joke.

    And, no, I wouldn’t want to live in Oak Harbor for all the cheap or even free booze in the world. Not that there’s anything wrong with OH. It’s me.

    I am sad to say the only picture taken (besides one I took of Joe in a child-sized loaner life jacket at the marina after, just before a stranger walked by) at the reunion was an accidental, yet artsy, shot of your leg in the cabin of Ben’s boat….

    The most lasting impression I had of the reunion was that I could smell 20 different people on my face, neck and blouse from hugging. It was kind of interesting, actually. A kind of unisex fragrance, consisting of a blend of fancy night time perfume, cologne, freshly showered and deodorized pits and hot flash sweat (may have been me…); Eau de Reunion.

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