Posted by: loripalooza | July 30, 2009

Hubby’s Class Reunion


3 joesNow, couldn’t you just fall in love with this guy?  I did. Those dimples are still to die for.  This photo (freshman year, I think?) was scanned into our computer just recently, as Joe sent in some images for his 30 year high school reunion.  We attended this last weekend, and besides seeing a bunch of friends from then (for Joe, at least) and now, a couple of the highlights for me were:

  • At the casual/bar night on Friday there came a point, about bill time I believe it was, when everyone was either whipping out their own, or sharing with someone else, readers; reading glasses.
  • The Saturday night function was actually held in the high school.  It was just like in the movies! There were balloons and lanterns in the school colors, and hand painted banners, the plaid pleated skirts the girls were required to wear until senior year on display, and on the men’s and women’s restroom doors, old PE uniforms playfully posed in all their 70’s glory.
  • The classmate name tags had pictures from their annual as well. It was quite the challenge leaning in to see someone’s picture from 30 years ago, then back up and scrutinize who they are now and not: a) laugh, b) raise my eyebrows, or c) softly exclaim “whoa!”   What did I do?  “You look  just the same!” and I was loved for my lies.
  • Playing the Are Those Boobs Real?!? game. Or the ever-popular Was She a Cheerleader?
  • While it was still light out a group of Joe’s Catholic elementary schoolmates, went outside for a group photo. I tagged along and was talking to one of Joe’s high school classmates who was also observing, and having a smoke.  I noticed a statue of the Virgin Mary in a little garden nook and thought it would be fun to get a picture of her with a cigarette, but I was vehemently refused. The fear of God is still in them all, whether they like it or not. I however….well, I couldn’t manage to get the cigarette, but I did give Mary a healthy slug of my Chardonnay, with Joe to document it on film.  Like I say, I haven’t been struck by lightening yet.
  • While the Corruption of Mary (hey, good band name!)was occuring one of our petite friends decided to put on the girls PE uniform; a fetching little navy blue one-piece number that was downright sexy compared to those shapeless horizontally striped climb in through the stetched-out neck prison exercise outfits Hannah and I were forced to wear in PE.  While it was (admittedly gratifyingly) tight, it did fit (although if she had to do any actual exercises…), and I could see why Joe said they kept the boys and girls totally separate during PE. One of the men joined in and tried on the green cotton boys PE shorts with the yellow piping that were on display, and while they fit, they were snug enough to be mildly disturbing.  Or maybe it was the combination of the 30 year old shorts and the mostly bald head.
  • There was dancing!  Lots of fun seventies music and some (I suspect former cheerleaders) even remembered The Hustle.  Then there was Disco Dan (not his real name) who could spin and do splits.  I was privately amused to see that every time he did a fancy disco-move several of his business cards fell out of the pocket by his beeper, and I couldn’t help but see “Blog Fodder” on his well-developed, talented fodder I’m sure people were equally impressed by my husband loping like a drunken monkey across the middle of the dance circle.  I certainly wouldn’t do anything like that….
  • I must say that after 20 years with Joe I (almost, very nearly, okay maybe not so much, but really close) have come to terms with the old girlfriends, or even the sort-of old girlfriend who at the 20 year reunion showed up with her lean, California tan body and crisply pressed clothes looking like Sigourney Weaver with her Ken-doll husband and perfectly behaved little boys in khaki shorts and white shirts, hair parted neatly on the side. I graciously gave her a hug this time, tip-toeing up as tall as I could against her large and (dang!) real bosom, and thought, you know, my dyed hair looks way more natural than hers…


  1. My God, what a cutie (Joe, not Mr. Blog Fodder)! Love the rugby shirt — mine was red and blue AND I had matching striped knee socks.

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