Posted by: hannah jo | July 27, 2009

Wilco will love you, baby

thealbum-lgIt’s been almost four weeks since the new Wilco record came out (on my birthday!) and I haven’t written about it yet. Shocking! It’s called Wilco (the album) and the first song on it is called “Wilco (the song)”. I have listened to that song hundreds of times. Seriously. I cannot hear the line “Wilco will love you, baby” too many times. I received both the vinyl and CD versions of Wilco (the album) for my birthday and can I just tell you how amazing it was to open that vinyl record? Talk about a gazillion different memories captured in that motion!

wilco-spin-coverI love the record and am so sorry that the band’s tour didn’t come anywhere near Seattle this year. I am pleased, though, to see Jeff Tweedy on the cover of the new Spin magazine. When I got to work on Thursday, a very kind co-worker had set it aside for me so I could see it first. Here’s a link to a bit of the article online and a video of Jeff playing some music with his two sons. Love the Who poster on his son’s bedroom wall!


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