Posted by: loripalooza | July 20, 2009

Post Surgery Post

It’s been pretty low-key around the House of Funk these days, but after almost two weeks since my surgery I was feeling strong enough to hop on the scooter today and ride, relishing the wind the entire way.  Here’s a brief look into my world the last couple of weeks:

Nobel Prize Winning Idea from Hospital Bed: They should make thin cotton capes with a little drawstring to drape over the backs of those awful, Hey-World, Here’s-My (fill in with appropriate derrière description): blindingly-white/scary-hairy/flabby-old/pinched & shy-Bottom Hospital Gowns that open in the back that always seem to be missing a full set of ties and even when you’re staggering down the hall in a drug induced stupor with an IV running from one arm you modestly reach back and hold the gown closed with your other hand.  To go one step further, and add a little surreal to the surreal, the capes could be in bright colors, so it would look like a bunch of slow-motion superheroes racing each other down the hall.  (I must confess my natural competitiveness came out even on painkillers, as on one of my required recovery walks before I could be discharged I gained and oh-so-nearly overtook the 80-something lady careening down the hall with her walker.
“I almost beat ya!” I grinned at her.  Fortunately, she laughed back.)

Books I Read While in My Healing Nest: My first day home I was still groggy, and the pile of blessedly picture-filled glossies Hannah dropped off were perfect: Rolling Stone, Spin, Vanity Fair (I must go see Public Enemies—Depp and Bale, oh my!!!), and Oprah.  The words weren’t sticking in my brain very long, but I did manage to get obsessed with this one line from a book review in Oprah (that I still don’t get in context to the review) that Marie Antoinette used to wear potato blossoms in her hair.  Part of my routine the next few days was walking laps around the back yard, and every time I passed our raised bed garden where we have some fingerling potatoes planted, in blossom (which I didn’t know they did until the astonishing revelation in Oprah), I thought, hey, Marie Antoinette wore these in her hair. I wonder if I came back from my surgery somehow ‘different’ in my head, but sadly no, this is how I usually am…

Day Two at home, I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Hannah’s Post-it note on it said it was ‘lovely’ and indeed it was.  Great characters, and I could so easily see this as one of those delightful British movies where townspeople stream determinedly down the hill, the ladies’ cotton dresses billowing from the bracing sea breeze.  The style, written as correspondence between the various characters, was quite well done.

I next read The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, the debut novel by Gordon Dahlquist.  It’s part Gothic, Victorian romance, science fiction, heavy on the intrigue and I couldn’t put it down!  It succeeded in keeping me from looking around the house at things that I thought needed tending to, but wasn’t supposed to be doing yet.  Can’t wait for Joe to finish it now, so we can read the next book in the series out loud to each other.

Sticking to the British theme (Dahlquist is not British, but his book is set in London), the last book I read was the classic Cold Comfort Farm.  This “Devonshire based bookaholic, sock-knitting quilter who used to be a community nurse” summarizes it nicely, in a frisky British way to boot.  Lots of laughs out loud. LOLOL

Speaking of Text Abbreviations or Another Shovel Ride Moment: This morning I turned my cell phone on to see I had a couple of missed calls from Friday night. I clicked on the message a friend had sent and was confused.  The next one was from him as well, with the same message.  Being much more phone savvy than I am, I asked Joe what he thought ‘Om oos’ meant in text-lingo.  He repeated it and then asked for my phone.  He handed it back to me with his Ricky to Lucy look, and said “Zero minutes, Zero seconds…”

It’s good to be back.  And did you know, Marie Antoinette used to wear potato blossoms in her hair?



  1. 0m 00s!

  2. I want a cape, too! Excellent idea. So glad you’re stitched together and back in action. We missed you, dear. Believe it or not, the latest weekly newsletter from the CSA farm that provides us with our organic produce had a huge section in it about potatoes and potato blossoms! No reference to wearing them in the hair, though…

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