Posted by: hannah jo | July 12, 2009

Groupie Mom

On Tuesday night, Lily, a friend of hers, and I met Adam Lambert. See:

Adam Lambert at Tacoma Dome

Adam land his black nail polish

He graciously signed the poster that Lily and her friend made that said “ADAM ROX R SOX.”

If you’re not familiar with Adam Lambert, he came in second this season on American Idol, a TV show that Lily adores. This year, Adam tore the place up with his glam style, causing my ancient glam heart to melt into puddles. I know that some people hated his singing style, but I loved how he completely embraced the Rocky Horror Show theme of “Don’t dream it, be it.” He claims that he had a drug-fueled vision at Burning Man to compete in American Idol so he could advance beyond the musical theater stuff he had been doing, and look what happened. He ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. With a snake.


His performance on Tuesday night was pretty spectacular and included a medley of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” “Fame,” and “Let’s Dance.” (See?!) The other nine performers did their thing, too, but it seemed like 99 per cent of the audience was there to see Mr. Lambert — a glam rock singer who came out as gay in Rolling Stone magazine. I figured we should try to meet him and get his autograph, if the girls were into it, and yes they were. We scouted around outside and found a group forming by the back exit door. We waited patiently for almost an hour and then were rewarded (after many others gave up).

So, Lily’s groupie mom can’t teach her to knit or sew, but she can teach her how to meet a glam rocker and get his autograph.

And, you know what? Lily was one happy girl.



  1. Hey, showing your kid how to meet rock celebrities in style is the COOLEST! Someday Lily will look back in awe and thanks at how awesome you are (if she doesn’t already). Looks like he was cute in person!

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