Posted by: hannah jo | July 5, 2009

Quick birthday ketchup

Hello blog friends. My birthday is finally pretty much over and it was fabulous in all of its long-lasting glory. I sort of had the jitters about turning so old (48!), but now I’m super fine with it, thanks to a lot of help from my friends and family, and the realization that it really just doesn’t matter that much. I age every day, but inside, I’m still 13. Thank you, Lori.

Here are just some of the birthday-time highlights:

— A divine dinner at Kenneth and Joyce’s, along with my family and Lori and Joe. Dubbed “Kiltstock 2009,” we all wore kilts, except for Lily, who rocked a skort (I know, I hate that word, too) with striped leggings instead. Lori and Joe brought peace-sign-shaped ice cubes and Lori’s summer drink of 2009, Lime Rickeys (made with Grey Goose vodka) and they were in fact the perfect summer beverage. They taste like Fresca! The food was the best and all made by other people than me, so I was grateful for every bite.

Geocaching with Linda, Nancy, and Lily all over Queen Anne. Have you ever been geocaching? It is an absolute blast. Nancy was the experienced one in our group and she did a marvelous job of preparing. Basically, it’s like going on a sophisticated scavenger hunt using a GPS unit to track down little treasures that have been stashed by other people and identified on a web site by their coordinates. I could get totally addicted to this activity if I had a GPS unit of my own, I’m sure. It’s a terrific way to explore an area at your own pace and use your noggin to track stuff down. You’re outside, you’re solving a puzzle, and you’re getting exercise without wearing stupid stretchy clothes. Win, win, win!

— Another fantastic dinner, but this one with my friend Alison at Carmelita on Phinney. I sure love that place. It’s vegetarian, with plenty of local and organic fare, presented beautifully. I had brocolli soup and risotto with asparagus. There were lots of fancy doo-dads involved in both the soup and the main course, but I don’t remember them all now. Every bite was scrumptious.

— Oh, and hey, yet another great dinner! This one was at Bastille, the new French restaurant in Ballard. We just stumbled upon it on the evening of my birthday while wandering through Ballard. The restaurant had opened the night before so we were lucky to discover it on its second day. It’s rare for Andy, Lily, and I to find a restaurant that makes all three of us happy, but this one did! Andy got to have meat, I got to have incredibly tasty fresh veggies, and Lily got to have high quality macaroni and cheese. Woo hoo! The inside of the place is stunning, though a tad loud, and the service was impressive, especially considering how new the place was. I’m already looking forward to going back.

— Using a gift certificate at Velouria to buy a gorgeous new necklace. Have you been to Velouria? It’s a lovely shop in downtown Ballard that has beautiful jewelry, clothes, accessories, and art. I also love their cards. Anyway, my former co-workers downtown gave me a very generous $75 gift certificate to Velouria when I officially left the department and I decided to use it on my birthday. With helpful input from Andy and Lily, I selected a very special necklace. It’s silver and has two narrow leaf-like shapes dangling on it in enameled blue and green (and COINCIDENTALLY look a lot like the blue and green colors used by the Seattle Sounders). So, thank you former co-workers and know that I will always think of you fondly when I wear my new necklace.

— Receiving a boat-load of well wishes and cards and gifts from my extended family and friends. I don’t know how I ended up this lucky. Thank you.


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