Posted by: hannah jo | June 29, 2009

Thank you, Greenwood Car Show!

I just have to tell you about the car show I went to this weekend. Many other wonderful events occurred over the weekend, and even today, but I just have time for the car show recap right now.

On Saturday, I spent hours at the Greenwood Car Show. I’ve been to it before, but this year was the best ever. Lots and lots of muscle cars. Shiny, beautiful muscle cars. Sometimes, when I stumbled upon another amazingly restored GTO, Firebird, or Chevelle, tears would start forming in my eyes. I could have spent the entire day there and not gotten bored. Check out these photos, which include lots of great full-car shots, and these photos, which tend to focus more on small details. 

My favorite parts of the show, other than the muscle cars, included the row of old Mini Coopers in an array of colors, some sweet old VWs, quirky electric cars that had been converted from standard gas guzzlers into all-electric vehicles, and the cars that were straight from my past. There was a Pontiac LeMans just like the one my sister used to own in high school. There were El Caminos that reminded me of all those El Caminos that seemed to dominate the Navy base where my dad worked when I was growing up. There were Mustangs and Cougars from the late 60s that were just like the ones that my first boyfriend used to drive (and still purchases from time to time).

It became clear that almost all of my favorite cars were made between 1967 and 1970. A few had their original window sales stickers, which were fascinating. One had its original 8-track tape player (a $148 upgrade option in the late 60s) and an original price tag of about $3,200.


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