Posted by: hannah jo | June 9, 2009

Hannah’s current favorite song

RaphaelSaadiq-TheWayISeeIt-1Thanks to Bob for tipping me to the sublime Raphael Saadiq. I dare you to watch this video of his song 100 Yard Dash and not get up and shake it. I can listen to this song on my car stereo ten times in a row and not get tired of it. I’ll definitely be checking him out at Bumbershoot this year.



  1. Did you know that he used to sing in the 80s/90s group Tone! Tone! Tone! We have a cd and Stuart still busts it out once in a while. I wasn’t as fond of this cd as you. Maybe it was the beefcake photo inside?

  2. Yep, I know about his Tony! Toni! Tone! past. And, for the record, I hate that photo inside the CD booklet. I do, however, love the big glasses and the skinny suit and the dancing in the video. Plus, the female backup singer is so hot in that all-black suit ensemble!

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