Posted by: hannah jo | May 29, 2009

7th grade, here we come

Lily just left to attend her school’s end-of-year middle school dance. She looks gorgeous, as does the friend who came home with her after school today to get ready together. They’re not dressed up, but you can tell they both worked to achieve a certain casual-but-fashionable layered look. Lily is the queen of layered tank tops, just like most of her friends. I’m too old to attempt that look myself, but Lily and her friends pull it off beautifully.

Andy and I are kind of tripping right now about our daughter becoming a 7th grader later this year. It was a big deal when she made the leap from elementary school to middle school, but for some reason “7th grade” just sounds way old to us. But, she’s growing up, whether we’re ready to cope with it or not and, just as my sister repeatedly warned me when I was pregnant, “It goes by so fast!”

Getting back to tonight’s dance, I would so love to be a fly on the wall. I can only imagine the scene. I’m trying with all my might to update my old memories of junior high dances that have somehow morphed with dance scenes from John Hughes movies and My So Called Life episodes so I’ll have a more current image in my head that accurately reflects 2009. I’m sure it’s way off. There was one other dance this year and Lily claims to have only danced to one song and it was with a bunch of her girlfriends. This time, though, I get the sense that dancing with boys (or a particular boy, perhaps) is the priority and I hope she’ll feel comfortable telling me about it at some point.

Lily and I will have the chance to spend lots of time together this summer, thanks to my skimpy work schedule. I hope we can find a groove that comfortably combines going places and doing things with plain old lazy days of hanging out and eating popsicles on the front porch. Because at the end of the summer, she’ll be a 7th grader, and she might be far too cool to hang out and eat popsicles with her old mom ever again.


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