Posted by: hannah jo | May 28, 2009

Current crushes

Let’s just start by stating that of course I have crushes on my husband, my daughter, and the co-writer of this blog. I don’t think I need to explain those right now because there should be ample evidence in previous blog posts about the many ways in which I delight in these three people. Luckily, I have room in my heart for other (harmless!) crushes, too. Here they are, in no particular order.

Tina_FeyTina Fey — This woman is a goddess. Smart, funny, beautiful, and a helluva writer. I loved her on SNL. I love her now on 30 Rock, as a writer and performer. I checked out a season of 30 Rock on DVD from the library so we could watch the episodes we missed last year. The best part of the DVD set was watching a taped read-through of an episode. All the actors were sitting around a set of tables, wearing their street clothes, and reading the lines of the script for the first time, out loud. Stripped of the acting and the props and the sets, Tina Fey’s writing took center stage and it was still freaking hilarious. The actors were having a ball reading such funny lines out loud to each other. I appreciated Tina’s immense writing talent even more after that. My all-time favorite moments of hers are as the writer and actress in two SNL “commercials”:  Annuale and Mom Jeans.

pgraphic1-1296Sherman Alexie — Most of my co-workers and friends are already aware of my mad crush on this smart, funny, beautiful man who is also a helluva writer. (Wait — I think I sense a theme here!) Attending one of his book events is pretty much the equivalent of going to see someone do outstanding standup comedy, but it’s better because he’ll also make you cry. I love the honesty of his writing. I love how supportive he is of libraries and librarians. I love that his book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has turned so many middle school and high school non-readers into readers. I love that he writes poetry.

Ewan_McGregorEwan McGregor — Another non-surprise, I know. I’ve raved about Long Way Round and Long Way Down here before and a huge part of my infatuation with those shows is Ewan McGregor. His friendship with fellow motorcycle rider Charley Boorman is painfully adorable. I also admire how fiercely he protects the privacy of his family life with his daughters. I’ve enjoyed him in lots of movies, but my favorite role of his is (of course!) as the Iggy Pop-like character Curt Wild in Velvet Goldmine. He even sings the Stooges song T.V. Eye. (I was going to link to a Youtube video of his performance, but it is definitely NSFW!)


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