Posted by: hannah jo | May 26, 2009

Well, look who’s back!

Boy, have I been a blog loser or what? Please forgive me, dear Lori, and you, dear handful of readers. I do not have a good reason for not posting. I have lots of pathetic little half-baked reasons, which I will not bore you with. Here’s what I’m going to do, though. I promise to post something here every day for the next week (today through next Monday) and we’ll just see how that goes. They might be tiny posts simply stating the obvious (what’s new about that, you ask?!), but there will be posts.  060_60

Today, I have a random list of things I feel like sharing. First, here’s this photo of me with three of my former co-workers. I adore these people. I am not naming them right now because I haven’t asked their permission, but I would like to say that the affection I feel for these people (and other former co-workers who were at my going-away party last month) is right off the charts. Two of these people gave me mix CDs, and if you know me, you know that there is no gift in the world that tops a mix CD for me. One of the CDs made me cry because it included Elliott Smith’s version of Thirteen (how did she know?!!). I was listening to the CD in my car when I was dashing from one library to another and then when that song came on, I was toast. I started weeping right then and there. When I got to the library, I had to go in with my blotchy, just-cried-my-eyes-out face, but it was wonderful. Thirteen is the same song that made me cry when Lori included Big Star’s original version of it on a mix CD she made me for my birthday (or was it Christmas? Sorry, I can’t remember now, darn it!). That song is on my Top 5 Songs of All Time list, for sure.

I went through so much with these people during the short nine months that we worked together and, of course, I can’t talk about any of it here. The situation we faced, though, ultimately brought us much closer together. We were lucky to spend a lot of time with each other in a unique way. I have the greatest respect for the people in this photo and I hope they always know that.

jay bennettHere’s some sad news, in case you haven’t already heard it — Jay Bennett, formerly of Wilco, died on Sunday. If you’ve seen the movie I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, then you already know the story about how he was dismissed from the band right after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, even though his contributions clearly helped make it the tremendously successful album it became. He was an amazingly creative and talented guy, but a bit rough around the edges.

Take a few minutes to watch this Wilco video that was just posted on Youtube as a tribute to Jay and you’ll get a sense of how musically gifted this guy was. He was like a wizard concocting some kind of musical potion over those keyboards. I doubt there’s an instrument he couldn’t play. I saw him perform many times. He almost always had a smile on his face and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Jay Bennett always brought a kind of “oh, what the hell, let’s try it all!” attitude that was truly infectious. Rest in peace, Jay.



  1. I was sorry to hear about Jay Bennett. That guy could flat out play. I hope he’s remembered for his talent and musicality and not the post Wilco feuding.

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