Posted by: hannah jo | May 6, 2009

I Love Theo Chocolates

confectionsI truly am not much of a chocolate person. Given the choice, I will almost always select a dessert or sweet treat that features lemon, almond, or caramel over chocolate any day of the week. And, as I recently mentioned, I adore a good fruit pie. I do, however, love eating a small amount of really good chocolate on occasion.

Lucky for me, there’s an amazing chocolate factory (yes, it really is a chocolate factory) in Fremont called Theo Chocolates and two sweet former co-workers bought me a box of Theo chocolates as a going-away gift. They gave me a box of 12 personally selected confections, which I have savored for the past 4+ weeks. I have one confection left, which I predict will be history by Sunday.

These are not your typical chocolate confections. They are dark and mysterious. They are not overly sweet. They have surprising fillings and flavors. They’re organic! 

I can honestly say that every single flavor I’ve tried has been interesting and fabulous. Here are the flavors my friends picked for me:

  • Earl grey (the only one I haven’t eaten yet)
  • Ginger
  • Ghost chile
  • Lemon
  • Lime coriander
  • Madagascar
  • Mint
  • Vanilla
  • Cardamom caramel
  • Lavender jalapeno caramel
  • Orange-thyme caramel
  • Sage caramel

Theo Chocolates offers factory tours, which Andy and Lily have taken, with the Girls in Science group that Lily belongs to, but I had to miss because I was working that day. I would love to go on a tour some day, though, and find out more about this amazing, organic, fair-trade chocolate factory.



  1. Girls in Science group, huh? Looks like I would’ve sat next to Lily in science class…And I’d sit next to you for a Lime Coriander chocolate, which I’ve had before, or a Lavender jalapeno caramel, which I have got to try!

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