Posted by: hannah jo | April 29, 2009

Hannah’s world

We saw another fantastic Seattle Sounders FC match last weekend. And, again, Peter Miller has written an excellent summary for Crosscut. #11, Steve Zakuani, was the Sounders star this week. Beautiful, just beautiful. We bought 4 tickets to 7 games this season and I feel like it’s been worth every penny. If you can go to a match, do it.

I am horribly far behind in wishing my friend Joyce a Happy Birthday, so here is a belated and heartfelt birthday greeting, Joyce! I thought about you all day on Saturday, but it was one of those nutso days at work and then the soccer match, with lots of last-minute machinations to meet up with two other people, etc., so please forgive me for not calling. I hope you had a wonderful day, with opera and family and maybe even some pie.

Joyce makes amazing pie. When I was 9 months pregnant, Joyce brought over a fresh, homemade blackberry pie on my due date! She had picked the berries and baked the pie and thought it might be nice to have if we were just about to become parents. We didn’t become parents until about 2 weeks later, but that pie was AMAZING. We ate it for dinner. And then we had it for dessert. And then we had it for breakfast the next day. I had been on a special diet for several months because of the threat of gestational diabetes and when I reached my due date, I just figured, oh the hell with it. That pie was the best way to celebrate making it to that day and to help distract me from constant thoughts about how much labor was going to hurt and when was my daughter going to be here already?

I also remember an another amazing pie that Joyce made — a peach pie. I remember she got the peaches from the little produce stand not far from our house, which is named Top Banana. Joyce called it Banana Monkey, though, because of their monkey/banana logo and we have called it that ever since. Sometimes, I have to use that place as a point of reference at work when I am giving directions to library patrons trying to find places in Ballard and I always call it Banana Monkey and then I have to correct myself and then reassure the patrons that I know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I hope your birthday was lovely, Joyce. I will talk to you soon.

Poor Lily has been sick for days and I have been her caretaker. We have watched far too many DVDs, but she was too sick to do much else for a couple of days. She’s getting better now, though, and I hope she’s well enough to return to school tomorrow.

I got my hair cut rather short on Sunday, complete with bangs, but you know what? I think I want it even shorter now.

Have I mentioned the book Delicate, Edible Birds here yet? It’s a book of short stories by Lauren Groff. Loved it. Fabulous writing. Fascinating characters. Creepy, creepy stories.

I’m still finishing up management tasks from my old job, but hope to wrap those up Real Soon Now. My new job is the best. Even at its busiest and most draining, it makes me immensely happy. When I walk through those doors, I am home. I love every inch of that place and all the people who work there. I can’t believe how lucky I am. I do miss my former co-workers, of course, but thank goodness it’s relatively easy to still see them.

One last thing — one of the many going away gifts I received when I left my manager job was a $50 gift certificate to Sonic Boom Records. Last week I got a chance to use it ($49.25 of it, to be exact). Here’s what I bought:

  1. The new Wilco DVD, Ashes of American Flags. Duh!
  2. The new Girl Talk CD, Feed the Animals. Wow!
  3. The CD soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine. FINALLY!

Now Lily sings along with me to the T. Rex song “20th Century Boy” in the car and I feel richer than rich.



  1. I can’t wait to see this haircut!!!!

  2. I want to see your hair! Most of all, I want to see YOU. Hey, we were on the fence about which lovely Ballard establishment to choose for a gift card for you, and Sonic Boom was the runner up. If we had, maybe WE (your runner up work friends?) would make it onto Spill It, Sister.
    Also, Girl Talk! Right on.

  3. Oh, Linda. I want to see YOU (and Misha!), too. I plan to visit the library soon to pick up all my boxes and catch up with folks. I may visit on Tuesday morning for the Big Meeting. We’ll see. When I spend my very generous gift certificate to Velouria, I’ll be sure to rave about it on Spill it, Sister! I’m still having trouble deciding what to get — jewelry, clothing, a bag? So many fabulous options!

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