Posted by: loripalooza | April 23, 2009

Happy Smurf Day

That was supposed to be the header for yesterday’s Post-That-Didn’t-Happen, for Earth Day, but here in the Seattle area it was downright dreary, especially after two days in a row of 72 degree springtime the-hills-are-alive-gloriousness, so I was feeling pouty and blue, thus the Smurf reference, and the rhyming with earth just made it right for me somehow.  Plus, I like saying the word Smurf, though I wouldn’t recommend a Google image search on them, because real-life people who dress up like goody-goody blue cartoon characters are just frightening.  Something about the painted-on smiles, maybe.  I remember a cartoon from years ago where a woman is chastising her dog for eating these blueberry muffins she made and the dog is thinking: “I thought they were Smurfs….”.  Ummm, blueberry muffins.

So, now Earth Day is over, (as well as Administrative Professionals Day, which was yesterday and also didn’t happen for me, because being the “administrative professional” at work I am apparently the only one who reads the calendar and how tacky would it be to point out to the people I slave for that hey, you’re supposed to acknowledge my awesome Office Manager Kung-fu at least on this one day of the year?  To be fair, though, I gloss right over Boss’s Day annually without a morsel of remorse, because, really, do they even know?!?) and I’m not in the mood anymore to write about being green, and how it should be Earth Day everyday, because if you’re doing the right things, you know it and can feel good about yourself (Ow! Sorry—I just wrenched my arm trying to pat myself on the back.), and if you aren’t, you should be feeling guilty.  Or rather, you should take baby steps and strive to be a better guardian for our planet.



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