Posted by: hannah jo | April 17, 2009

A few more photos

I really, really need to hook up the scanner. First, I need to find it and then see if it will work with our current computer (our ancient printer doesn’t). I’d love to scan some old photos and put them up here. I’m thinking of one in particular from high school that is a perfect late ’70s snapshot — I’ve got flipped back bangs, huge glasses, a Hot Lips t-shirt (that Lori gave me — and my parents actually let me wear!), and I’m standing in front of my beloved 1968 Firebird. It might be a Polaroid photo. I’ve got to find it and share it with you, Internet!

In the meantime, here are a couple that happen to be in digital format on our computer’s hard disk, so they’ll have to do. Yes, we have a lot of Halloween photos, thanks mostly to Lori and Joe, who are the queen and king of Halloween.


This is Halloween 2005. That’s Andy, my husband, on the left, and Joe, Lori’s husband, in the middle, in one of the most frightening costumes I have ever seen. That’s Batboy on the chair. That’s Lori and me, just out of the frame, laughing our hineys off.


Same Halloween, but this time Andy is the one laughing his hiney off and forcing Joe to drink alcohol, it appears.


This is what Andy looks like when he’s not wearing a dress. This was taken at a previous work location. I love this photo because that white board is such a perfect representation of his great big brain. He loves writing stuff like this on white boards  and then turning it into databases. If a white board isn’t available, any scrap of paper (especially GRID paper) will do.


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