Posted by: hannah jo | April 7, 2009

How to have a great vacation

Go see Molly Wizenberg talk about her book A Homemade Life and then read the book from cover to cover, including all the recipes, and marvel at both how wonderful she was at answering questions from the audience and how satisfying and gentle her writing is. Spend time after the author event hanging out with Lori and Joe for the first time in a long time and later laugh until you cry just thinking about some of the things that Joe said.

Buy a family pass to the Woodland Park Zoo and take your daughter and her friend there when it’s 70 degrees out. Spend hours wandering about, listening to the girls laugh and make jokes about the animals, the people they see, and themselves.

Make a mix CD, for the first time ever. Astonishing, I know, but I’ve been a mix tape girl until now. That day of mix CD creation was pure heaven.

Attend a going away party thrown in your honor and hosted by your former boss and see people whom you love and miss, and reflect on what a lucky devil you are for ever having been hired to work with them in the first place.

Walk to your new work location on a glorious sunny day, just to see how long that will take (about 20 minutes or so) and see that they have already created a little work space for you and feel in your gut that despite all of your last-minute “oh my god, what have I done?” jitters, you know you have made the right choice.

Stroll over to the neighborhood bakery with your husband and enjoy a latte and some delicious French pastries with no pressing deadlines and no need to rush.

Go to the Triple Door with your good friend Mike to see Gary Louris and Mark Olson (formerly of the Jayhawks) put on another display of beautiful harmonizing and alt-country-style guitar playing, with Teddy Thompson (Richard and Linda Thompson’s son) opening.

Start the spring cleanup of your front yard by finally cutting back some old lavender, rosemary, and daisies, and pull some pesky weeds, too.

Watch your daughter start a fire with a magnifying glass and then triumphantly cook a small pancake over that fire. See how ridiculously happy this makes her.

Finish watching Long Way Down on DVD with your husband and appreciate the rare opportunity to see two men enjoy a close friendship, as well as the incredible footage of their motorcycle trip through Africa. Then launch right into the final season of The Wire on DVD.

Listen to the latest CDs you’ve picked up from the library, with the volume turned way up:  the Ting Tings, War Child (god, I love a good cover version of a song), and Robyn Hitchcock. Anticipate listening to the new mix CD that you just received as a gift and know that it will, yet again, introduce you to all kinds of good music you didn’t even know existed before.

Make plans to have dinner with a good friend whom you haven’t seen in ages and ages at Carmelita.

Make plans with another good friend whom you haven’t seen in ages to see the Book-It production of The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears.

Shop a few different times at the new Trader Joe’s in Ballard and then let your daughter eat meatless corn dogs for lunch almost every day for a week.

Walk your dog, slowly, around the neighborhood and take pleasure in the great deal of joy that a happy, three-legged dog always seems to bring to others.

Ride the exercise bike each day in an attempt to get back into some sort of shape after months of being a work-obsessed freak and not hate it because you read the whole time you’re riding the stupid bike.

Ignore work e-mail, even though you know it’s piling up like crazy and you really do have a lot of loose ends to tie up before you can declare that you are truly finished with your old job, but whatever.

Write a blog post that summarizes just how great it is to be on vacation and realize that you still have almost SIX MORE DAYS of vacation left!



  1. Hoorah for the relaxed voice in this post! Hoorah for the new, less-stress job! Hoorah for time off! Hoorah for Hannah!

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