Posted by: hannah jo | April 1, 2009

The Beautiful Game

sounders_fcDo you have tickets to a Seattle Sounders FC match yet? If not, go buy some now.

We went to their home match against Real Salt Lake on Saturday night and it was simply stunning. Even though the Sounders were far from perfect, and I thought I might freeze to death, it was a fabulous night.

Peter Miller did a nice job of summarizing the match for Crosscut, so I won’t attempt to give you all the details here. I will say, though, that there were brilliant moments that I will carry with me for a long time:  Fredy Montero’s ambitious and perfectly booted goal from way outside of the box, which my brain experienced in a slow-motion sort of way because I knew the second he connected with it that it was going in, even without seeing that the keeper was out of position; the relief I felt when Freddie Ljungberg was able to get up each time Salt Lake thugs knocked him down; and the general good will emanating from the sold-out audience of appreciative fans.

Unlike the professional baseball and basketball games I’ve recently attended, I didn’t leave the match feeling like I’d been assaulted the entire time by ads, overly loud music, and made-up nonsense that distracts you from the sporting event you want to watch. We got to watch athletes excel. We got to see The Beautiful Game.



  1. We were wondering if you guys had tickets! It was a really good game. The Sounders rock!

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