Posted by: loripalooza | March 23, 2009

Sugarmama No More, No More

Day Three of Joe on the Job. After 5 long months of unemployment hubby finally was hired last week, in a position that is actually in his field. YAY!!! During these times of economic turmoil, I say that’s amazing!  Before we all get overly excited, though, I have to mention it’s only contract work to start, and part time at that, but definitely with the intention to move into full time. Naturally, there are pros and cons to the new change:

I’m now delegated as morning-time dishwasher again.  We have an unspoken understanding that when one person prepares the meal, the other has to do clean-up, but since Joe was laid-off and didn’t have a job to rush off to (because I delayed getting out of the cozy bed for as long as possible, and then delayed the comforting hot shower, then couldn’t figure out what to wear–you know how it goes), he volunteered to do the morning dishes, even though he fixed breakfast and my lunch for me.

In his part-time position, he’ll be making less than he was getting from the State for unemployment.  So, although, luckily, we haven’t been hurting (too much) financially, maybe now that he’s working we might see a negative difference to start?  I can see that some patience will be required.  It might be a while before I get that Mini Cooper Clubman.

Joe is a very social person, and being at home on the never-ending quest for a job left him rather like the family dog that’s been cooped up all day, so that when I came in the door I was pounced upon by a widely grinning, tail-wagging, Golden Retriever Husband.  A 200 pound Golden Retriever… I found a good solid knee to the chest was fairly effective at keeping him down though.

Joe was actually starting to enjoy thinking up ideas for and preparing dinner.  It’s like my personal chef walked out the door and his came back.

The burden of being the primary money provider is lifted!  Although adversity did inspire me to start to write a little blues song:  “I’m your sugarmama, baby, you got me working all day long…..”   Had some happy rhymes, too, such as Joe with dole, money with honey. Maybe I’ll finish it, even if it’s no longer autobiographical.

It will be sad not to call home in the middle of the day for idle chat, to,  say, tell him how I just finished my spinach salad and went to check my teeth for damage and discovered I was the White Trash Poster Girl.  Yep, yuh gotta lil sumpin-sumpin on them teef!   One time I called and asked what he was doing and he was dusting!!! I got chills. We also discovered if I call one of our cats’ name over the phone she meows back at me and head-butts the receiver.  Goofing-off time will be cut down with the new job, I fear.

Mostly, though, we are both extremely grateful that something right came along, and that he has something to do to keep sane, and produce some income.  Here’s a big Hallelujah breakdown to that!   Give me an Amen,  sisters and brothers!


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