Posted by: hannah jo | March 7, 2009

Catching Up

In my mind, this could be a ridiculously long blog post, with lots of stories about what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so busy, but I’m guessing I’ll write one or two things and then get called away by Yet Another Obligation. We’ll see. In any event, it’s nice to be back. How are you, Internet? You look good.

First. I love Lori’s new haircut. Isn’t it gorgeous? I always love her long hair, too, of course, but the short hair is just so sassy. Like Lori. I have been contemplating turning my hair red for a couple of years now and even bought the boxes of henna to do it way back when, but have never allowed myself the couple of hours it would take to do that. I spend about two hours on my looks in a year, so to do that all at once feels weird. I am, however, starting to feel quite done with my gray hair, so perhaps red is on its way. I used to henna my hair red a long time ago and I rather enjoyed the earthy smell of the henna and the change, so I need to Just Do It, again. And, then, it will be like the plot of Single White Female and you’ll have to hide your puppies because remember what Jennifer Jason Leigh does after she dyes her hair red?

I have purposely avoided my home e-mail account again because I knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy to deal with it and wouldn’t you know it when I finally peeked at it there are all kinds of messages and many of them needed responses like yesterday. So, if you wrote one of those messages, please forgive me. I will try to catch up this weekend because I actually have two days off in a row, which is a rare and wonderful thing. I have to compete with two other computer-using people for time at the computer, but perhaps Andy can set up an Excel spreadsheet that fairly divvies up our time at the computer because he is all about Excel spreadsheets. Seriously.

One of the subjects that’s clogging my e-mail in-box right now is my upcoming high school reunion. Now, when I tell you which reunion it is, it will make me feel older than I have ever felt in my life. 30. It’s my 30-year high school reunion. The good thing is that it is not just my 30-year high school reunion. It’s also Lori’s. HA! We both graduated from high school 30 years ago. I really can’t believe that number. It’s huge. It’s enormous. 30. Whoa. I don’t even want to think about that number again. It’s too big. And, I’ve gotten way too many e-mail messages about it already, which bums me out since I have that e-mail aversion thing. It’s more complicated than that and without giving away too many details about people whom I haven’t asked for permission to blog about, let’s just say that it appears that two different people from my graduating class are trying to organize the weekend of events and judging by the tone of their e-mails they hate each other’s guts which is extremely awkward. There’s some kind of power struggle going on over who’s really in charge and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to see this happen via e-mail. I just read a bunch of messages and cringed. Yikes.

The other thing about the reunion is that the organizers keep asking me to do the class bio books that get handed out at the reunion, which I did for the last reunion, with Lori’s wonderful help, and I don’t feel like doing them this time. It’s a huge time commitment and I don’t have a bunch of free time these days. I like to volunteer, though, and I enjoy turning barely intelligible prose into marginally intelligible prose, and I really like making sure that the bios that Lori and I write don’t get mangled into meaningless mush by someone else (which happened in an earlier reunion bio book), but it involves a lot of e-mailing and, well, you know the rest of this sentence without me having to type it. So, I need to decide pronto about whether to do the stupid books or not and let the organizers know. I’ve given myself a deadline of tomorrow.

One thing that will affect my decision is that I actually will have a little more free time this summer because I got a new job. I’m going to step down from my current management job at the end of this month and begin a new part-time job in April, after a brief vacation. I am thrilled out of my head to start my new job because a) it’s within walking distance of my house (1.3 miles away); b) it’s part-time, only 20 hours per  week; c) I’ll get to work with people who, like me, have a hard-core work ethic, but also love what they do; and d) I will no longer have to decide how to open buildings when it snows or there is a plumbing emergency or a fire or a person passed out in front of the book drop or an epic number of people calling in sick or any other number of issues that tax every ounce of your being when you manage two libraries. I loved solving all of that stuff, but you know what? I need a break. Andy had a great analogy for what this job has been like. He called it a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. As soon as you whack one problem over the head at one location, another one pops up at the other location. Unfortunately, a lot of those problems involve toilets.

I’d love to tell you about lots of other things, but my time is up for now. In the future, expect more photos from the past (believe it or not, I have even more great photos of Andy dressed up for Halloween, thanks to Joe and Lori), heartbreak over losing my morning newspaper (because the paper version of the P-I is going away this week and I’m crying real tears over this), some CD recommendations (thanks to Mike who has tipped me to some great music lately), more slobbering love for The Wire (we’ve now seen Season 3 and just started Season 4 and OH MY GOD IT IS SO GOOD), reflections on what life is like when you let your 11-year-old daughter get a cell phone (she sent or received 3,000 text messages during the first month), and I suppose I’ll write about a book or two, also.

E-mail messages to my pals, soon, I promise!



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