Posted by: loripalooza | February 20, 2009

The Oscars are Coming! The Oscars are Coming!

Two days before the red carpet rolls out and the celebs slink (female stars) and saunter (males) their way towards cinematic history, the smell of anticipation mixed with expensive perfumes and 24-hour deodorants and hair sprays wafting up over LA.  And you thought it was smog… I can’t wait! We’re invited to an Oscar party (where ballots are involved—competition!!– and all the other guests are Theatre People who continuously provide snarky commentary while Joe and I cower innocently in the corner hoping they don’t turn on us) and I’m sad to say we’ve only seen one of the nominated Best Pictures (two if you count animated ones), and only a couple of other films where we witnessed any of the Best or Best Supporting Actor/Actress efforts. I did find this on the Oscar site though, so I can kind of do a Cliff’s Notes version of all I didn’t see and guess/vote with a little more than no knowledge at all. Here are the movies we saw in entirety, though:

Slumdog Millionairemv5bmja4mdkxmjc5nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwnzi3mjcwmg_v1_cr1270471471_ss100_ Okay, so this is the only Best Picture nominee we made it to, but it’s going to win. We’re also supposed to bring a cleverly named dish to share at the party, so we’re making an Indian appetizer (chicken tikka) we’re calling Chicken Latika, after the gorgeous girl in the movie. Win-win!

The Wrestlerkneel I’d be really surprised if Mickey Rourke doesn’t get Best Actor for this one. Richard Jenkins was great in The Visitor, though, and partially inspired us to get those djembes for Christmas. We actually saw The Wrestler on Valentine’s Day, which was kind of weird because it’s an emotionally and physically brutal movie, although it was at the Seven Gables, which is quite the romantic old Seattle theatre.  During the most intense scene two women seated next to us had to leave because one of them was feeling sick…not expecting so much violence in a wrestling movie…  Joe and I flew out of our seats to let them by (Fear of Barf) and they made it to the curtained doorway before the sick one passed out!  I’m all like, ‘Hey! She fell! Should we (or any of the hundred or so other people here) help?’ loud whispering until I saw her being dragged into the lobby by her feet, I presume, by an usher.  Bloody Valentine.

Kung Fu Panda I imagine Wall-E will win the category of Animated Feature Film, not because this was a horrible movie, but because I cried during the trailer for Wall-E. I enjoyed hearing Jack Black sing Kung Fu Fighting, though, and it brought me back to junior high when we had to do a choreographed exercise routine for P.E. and that was the song my partner and I picked.  I couldn’t remember any of my moves, though.

As much as I would love to see Robert Downey, Junior win Best Supporting Actor for his role in Tropic Thunder mv5bmtm0ndu4nzeyml5bml5banbnxkftztcwodywmdu3mq_v1_cr341013661366_ss100_(which we saw with Hannah and we all howled, unashamedly), I’m going to have to vote for Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight because, what can I say, I want to win.  He was suitably creepy, and maybe it was the sound editing, (in which category Dark Knight should also win) but it’s the best I’ve ever heard his voice in a movie. Not that I’ve seen that many of his. We had such a hard time understanding his critical last line in Brokeback Mountain we had to use the subtitle function on the DVD (booty from one of Joe’s China trips) which came up with “you how to leave”?  Wha?!? Needless to say it totally broke the mood. Brokeback Mood. We didn’t know until later from a spoof that it was really “I don’t know how to quit you.”

One last thing:  Hugh Jackman as host? Interesting.  I wonder (or you could say hope) if he’ll take his shirt off…



  1. I think I will vote for Robert Downey, Jr for Best Supporting Actor anyway. I will feel good doing it, and I know it won’t ruin my chances of winning since the best I ever do is tied for worst place.

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