Posted by: hannah jo | February 16, 2009

Bring on the photos!

I have so many possible blog topics in my head, but so little time for typing anything that doesn’t help me dig out of a great big work hole that I’m currently in, so I’m going to punt and post photos here for my next few posts (or until I find a little bit of free time). I hope you don’t mind. They’re entirely random. Enjoy!


Photo 1, above: This is my 6th grade class photo. I transferred to this school in 6th grade when we moved into a different U.S. Navy housing development, so I didn’t know anyone, but I thought I did because one of the boys looked EXACTLY like one of the boys in my 5th grade class at a different school (in the same town). It turns out, though, that they were identical twins, going to two different elementary schools because they had difficulty being in the same school. I was so confused. They lived in my new housing area and we eventually spent a lot of time riding our Schwinn bikes around together, laughing about how weird it was that I didn’t know there were two of them until I switched schools. Many, many years later, when my sister and her Navy husband were working in Puerto Rico, they walked into an office on base and one of those brothers was sitting behind a desk there and thought my sister was me.


Photo 2, above: Andy and me at one of Lori and Joe’s Halloween parties. Andy should wear eyeliner and black lipstick every day, don’t you think?


Photo 3, above: Here’s a different Halloween party, not at Lori’s, but here are the Lori connections: she gave Lily that outfit she’s wearing (so painfully cute!), she gave Andy the shirt he’s wearing (I’m pretty sure), and she saw me wear the exact same Warren Zevon “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” shirt at her most recent Halloween party, several years later.


Photo 4, above: Lori on her scooter (which is NOT a moped, by the way, so don’t ever accidentally call it that!) on a Halloween that we missed for some reason. God, I love this photo.



  1. Hubba-hubba! I’m diggin the Bavarian chick on the scooter!
    We think Andy should wear those horns all the time, too.

  2. Ha! I don’t think I’ll ever look at Andy the same way after photo #1 — which is a nice contrast to photo #2. And the twins … I’d like to work that into a story but everyone would think it was too contrived. You can’t make that stuff up.

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