Posted by: hannah jo | January 28, 2009

The answer is: Brutal

Just about every day when I get home from work, Andy asks me how my day was, and I almost always answer the same way: “Brutal.” That’s all I’m going to say about that. Just know that I am telling the truth. It’s brutal, brutal, brutal.

But, I keep reminding myself that the good news (and, really, it’s still just the greatest news around, it’s stupendous news) is that Mr. Bush is now a citizen and no longer the President. Every time I read a news story about how people want to put him on trial for murder or in some way hold him responsible for his heinous actions, I feel happy. Godspeed you good people. Make him accountable. Hold his feet to the fire and don’t ever stop. When my job is no longer brutal, I will try to help you.

I’m still smitten with President Obama. I’m over the moon. Oh, I know, he’s not perfect. He’ll make mistakes. He’ll fail at some things. Big whoop. Just look at thpresident-barack-obama-action-figures-david-bowiee photo I previously posted of the man. Now THAT’S a president. That’s someone I want to believe in. Someone I want to call my President. It’s been such a long time since I last felt this way. I just want to immerse myself in it for a while.

Today, I found a link to a Rolling Stone article about the White House record collection. Did you know there was one? It’s in the basement, of course, because it was put there by Nancy Reagan, most likely. Now we all want to know if President Obama will access that collection. Do you think the White House needs its own Rock and Roll Librarian? Because I could be there like tomorrow if necessary. I would have those records so cleverly organized and cataloged. Okay. That’s my new dream job — White House Rock and Roll Librarian.

And thank you, Pamela, for the perfect image for this post!



  1. I don’t know. You’re way more into the glam thing than I ever was. I’m still digging my more natural state magnet image of the man. (Joe has since dressed him in an inaugural suit.)

  2. Thanks for the link to the Rolling Stone article.

    Maybe it was the prospect of having to tackle Trout Mask Replica that sent Tricky Dick scurrying back to San Clemente.

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