Posted by: loripalooza | January 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

A year ago today Hannah set up this blog and then sprang it on me, to my horror and delight.  Horror because I was being nudged out of my comfort zone, and delight because, for me personally, I know that’s the only way I’ll get out of that cozy reading chair I so often bring up here and actually make something happen.  Hannah’s been my muse for many years, and sometimes when I write I feel like I’m writing one of my word-streaming non-stop postcards  from years gone by, but instead of popping it in the mail it spills out here.  In many ways we have more of a sister connection to each other than we do to our own sisters, so the name of the blog from the beginning has always seemed like an invitation to me from her; write, Lori, write–spill it, sister!

So thank you, Hannah, for giving me the opportunity to indulge my whims, and for sharing your own well-written, articulate thoughts and experiences over the past year.  I know I haven’t been faithful in the quantity of posts, but I hope something I’ve written here or there has reached someone and made them smile, or laugh, or feel a tinge of reflection, or encourage them to read a book, or listen to some new music, or even to inspire them to write themselves, (like you might be saying “I could write better than that drivel!”). 

Finally, thank you reader, whether you stumbled upon us or are a friend or regular who checks up on us often to see what we’re up to, or especially one of those rare brave souls who leaves us comments.  Stick around.  Who knows what we might come up with this year?




  1. You’re welcome, dear. And, THANK YOU for letting me force you into this. Like I’ve said before, it was completely selfish of me. I just wanted to read your writing more often. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary and thanks for the informative and entertaining content! I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy reading both of your posts. Carry on!

  3. Happy anniversary, you guys! I have thoroughly enjoyed every single post (and clicked the hotlinks to review and read all the comments and put recommended books on reserve; somebody stop me!). I am in complete awe of your writing chops, both of you.

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